How Do I Best Store a Mattress Topper – A Step by Step Guide


A mattress topper can make a difference and will save a lot of your money for buying a new mattress. It helps in providing the breathe new life into your existing one. A mattress topper can add on numerous benefits for users and adds extra comfort for healthy sleep. It is considered an inexpensive way of making old mattresses cozier, comfortable, and new again. Also, it helps to increase the lifespan of your mattress. Generally, mattresses topper also has health benefits as it can harbor germs. If you get a mattress topper then its antibacterial and moisture-resistant properties will protect the mattress and reduce the chances of allergies as well. People might buy a topper but sometimes they need to store it. But to increase the effectiveness of a mattress topper in the long term you should know how to store a mattress topper when you’re not using it. Here we at Mattress Topper Judge will help you out to know the effective ways for storing the mattress topper with Step by Step Guide.

How Do I Best Store a Mattress Topper - A Step by Step Guide

Step By Step Guide for Store the Mattresses Topper

We at Mattress Topper Judge are here to guide you about the mattress topper storage. As it is a challenge for understanding the best way to store your mattress topper but with our expert knowledge and guidance, we make sure that the listed stay by step guide will ensure that it remains in good condition for many years.

Cleaning and Drying

It is important you should clean and dry the mattress topper before the storage of it. Cleaning will ensure dirt and bacteria do not trap in the topper and will prevent it from permanent damage. Listed are the steps for How to clean the mattress topper in an efficient way.

  • Before cleaning your topper make sure to remove all bedding that might include sheets and mattress protectors.
  • It s advised to use a vacuum cleaner for removing the dust, dirt, and other particles from the topper.
  • If in case the mattress topper has stains, you should clean it with mild liquid detergent or a stain remover. Make sure not to use an excessive amount of water for cleaning the mattress topper.
  • Treat the Mattress topper Odor by sprinkling the baking soda on the surface of the topper and it will result in odor removal instantly.

Rolling the Mattress Topper for Storage

Once the mattress topper gets clean then it is the right time to roll it for storage. Make sure to pack in the right way so that it will take less space and fit in easily. Be sure not to fold the mattress topper, because it can add a crack or permanent indentation in the foam. So, rolling is the best way to store a mattress topper.

Storing a Mattress Topper

Roll up the mattress and pack it in the protective storage bag. Make sure to go for a high-quality storage bag that will help in ensuring the dust, dirt, dust mites, and other contaminants. It is also advised to store a topper in a vacuum-sealed bag or you can use a large plastic mattress bag. Wrap it in a protective plastic bag and secure the ends with duct tape for sure.

Climate Control for Mattresses Storage

It is important to store the mattress topper in a climate-controlled environment. Make sure you should have a place equipped with temperature and humidity control. keep the storage place dry and cool for reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth.

How Long Can You Store a Mattress Topper?

To prevent large plumps it is advised to remove the memory foam mattress topper from its bag every 6-7 months. Because it allows air out and in. So, avoid the mattress topper staying compressed for longer periods.

Summing Up

We believe that you have got the right idea for storing the Mattresses Topper. All the above-mentioned are step-by-step guides for storing the mattress topper. So, if you plan to store your topper in your home, be sure the place has the temperature regulation and should be a moisture-free area. Avoid storing your topper in a basement because it has a damp and humid environment.


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