The Dos And Don’ts Of Selling Your Used iPhone XR


With all those coming-of-age features, sleek and stylish design, the bitten apple logo, and the status attached to it, iPhones are the most coveted smartphones. As it is not possible for everyone to buy a brand new iPhone due to its hefty price tag, the used phone market provides buyers with an opportunity to own this fancy gadget.

The Dos And Donts Of Selling Your Used iPhone XR

If you consider selling your used iPhone XR, you can expect a sea of buyers desperately wanting to seal the deal. But before you sell iPhone XR, here are some dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind.

Planning to sell iPhone XR: Read the dos and don’ts

The Dos

Sell at the right time

With the launch of every new iPhone, the resale value of the old models degrades by leaps and bounds. It often puts sellers in a tight spot regarding deciding the right time to sell their old iPhones.

Ideally, the best time to sell a used phone is before the brand launches a new generation. So, selling your iPhone XR about 8 to 12 months after buying it will give you the best resale value.

Provide them the details

Do not lie to your potential buyers about the real condition of your used iPhone XR. If your phone has many scratches, tell them before they see your phone in person. If there is an internal issue with the phone that might be hard to discover for them, be honest and tell them the details they deserve to know.

If you lie to them about anything they manage to figure out, they might think you are lying about important things too, and it might lead them to cancel the deal. Make sure you give them a detailed account of the true condition of your used iPhone XR.

Protect your data

The worst mistake you can make is selling your used iPhone XR with your entire data intact in it because the last thing you would want is to let a stranger access your personal space.

Here is a quick checklist for protecting your data-

  • Back up your data on iCloud.
  • Erase your credentials and passwords from the browser.
  • Unpair all the paired devices, such as your smartwatch, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, smart home devices, etc.
  • Sign out and uninstall all the applications.
  • Remove your sim card and SD card.
  • Encrypt your data.
  • Factory reset your iPhone.

The Don’ts

Call the buyer home

While selling your iPhone XR, you will meet many strangers. Some of them might not be genuine buyers. Hence, steer clear from calling them home to check the phone. Fix a meeting at a public place.

Price your used phone high

As already mentioned, the used phone marketplace is booming. The buyers and the sellers have a hundred people to entertain their deal. Demanding more than the worth of your used phone might snatch away the chance of selling your used phone to the potential buyer, as they will find some other seller in no time.

Set the right price for your phone. Reach out to local retailers or websites like Amazon to check the current price of the iPhone XR and decide the price according to the current state of your phone. Also, determine a minimum price and do not give in after that.

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The bottom line

Looking at the speed with which Apple launches the upgraded versions of iPhones, wanting to sell your old iPhone for a new one doesn’t come as a surprise. This list of dos and don’ts will help you find the right buyer and sell your iPhone XR at the right price.


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