Domo: Pricing, Features and Other Things to Know


When you’re looking to improve your business efficiency, utilizing future-forward tools is essential. Finding the ideal software for your business can be a challenge, and that is why many businesses are opting for Domo today.

Domo: Pricing, Features and Other Things to Know

Domo is cloud software that helps in data visualization and analytics. It can help integrate data from any source and turn it into a valuable asset for your business. Here is what you should know about Domo pricing, features, etc.

Domo business software is used to turn data into valuable insights for your business needs. Traditional methods utilize only mathematical data, whereas modern solutions like Domo use various data types, including natural language.

You can create dynamic visualizations in a unified cloud-based platform while collaborating with stakeholders and quickly transforming data. You don’t need an expert to work with this software, as anyone with its user-friendly tools can easily use it. Get your information delivered whenever, in an understandable way to all.

How Is It Priced?

Domo has various solutions, and depending on what your business is looking for, it can be priced differently. You can find that this software is available for several industries such as:

  • Financial Services
  • High Tech
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Retail

There are two components to Domo pricing, where one is the cost of the annual subscription (recurring cost) and the cost to implement it. The cost to implement the subscription is one-time, and you don’t ever have to worry about paying for it again.

What Features Are Available?

Domo has several features that your business can utilize, and here are some that are currently offered:

  • Data integration: Integrate your data into graphs or any other visualization using the optimal intelligence tools.
  • BI & Analytics: Real-time analytics at the touch of a button that any user can easily read.
  • Intelligent Apps: Ensure that automated action is taken through apps that integrate and start analytics on their own.
  • Embedded Data: Distribute data and analytics to customers and your partners through automation and intelligent apps.

Cloud services are enabled for Domo no matter what features you opt for. Depending on your organization’s needs, you can choose features that suit your needs.

Can It Be Scaled?

Domo software is easily scalable, whether you choose to increase your use right at the start or as your organization grows. The pricing for the software is also done similarly. Some factors that you should consider when scaling the software up is:

  • How many users will use the software?
  • How many connectors will be required?
  • Annual data usage
  • Will it be one-time use or multi-year use of the software?
  • Are there any add-ons that you require?

If you’re having trouble understanding your organization’s requirements, getting in touch with an expert would be better.

How Can You Get Started

When looking to get started on Domo, you have to know where and when to start. If you’ve never used this software before, it would be ideal to contact a consulting service that can guide you on the right features and package for your needs.

Domo is a great software to use when you’re looking to make your business more efficient. Consider getting it today to see a change in your business processes.


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