Picking Out The Perfect Set Of Jeans: An Online Guide


Like any other carefully planned activity, jeans shopping is also a challenge. Buying the perfect set of women’s jeans that compliments the body will always be a hassle. There are many factors involved in finding a pair that looks fabulous and, is at the same time, comfortable.

Picking Out The Perfect Set Of Jeans: An Online Guide

How To Know If The Jeans Fit:

These are some things to keep in mind while looking for women’s jeans:

  1. They should never have a gap or pull in the back. Best way to know that is to try it on and do a little bend. If the back pulls, that means the body is roughly hourglass-shaped. If that is the case, then it is better to go for curvy jeans.
  2. Look for a pair that stretches well and is comfy around the hips, knees, waist and thighs. High-quality stretchy material won’t sag after more extended use, so make sure to check for the quality.
  3. Lengthy jeans should be tailored to have cuff rolls, or one should cut out the additional length. If they get too short, convert them into ankle-length jeans. Inseam lengths in jeans can be extremely variable if used to a degree.

Different types Of Jeans For Women:

  • Boot Cut: A snug fit that goes down from the waist to the thigh. It highlights the leg area and, as the name suggests, goes well with a pair of boots. They usually come in full length and slightly bend to the front. Heels and wedges work well with bootcut jeans giving a lengthier appearance to the legs.
  • Low Rise: Resting just a tad below the hips, it amplifies the beauty of a petite frame.
  • Mid Rise: A universal choice for jeans, mid-rise is always comfortable and is considered a must-have for every wardrobe.
  • High Rise: Commonly referred to as “mom” jeans, they rest just below the navel and highlight the retro silhouette style.
  • Jeggings: Often purchased during the colder months, they are simple and easy to wear. They are often women’s first choice for casual attire when paired with heels or shirt dresses.
  • Skinny: Always a favourite in the fashion industry, they come in both high rise and low rise. They compliment the shape of the legs while being comfortable simultaneously. These jeans should fit well on the hips and the waist, adjusting to a natural size without extra alterations.
  • Straight: Simple and ideal; it creates a lengthy view while skimming the rest. It often goes well for women who are wider at the shoulder than at the hips. Usually worn as professional attire, they go well with formal button shirts and dresses.

Some Things To Consider Before Shopping:

  1. Know The Measurements: Measuring oneself is very important if the goal is to find a comfortable set depending upon the body size. To be honest, it’s all about the fit. Any woman can adorn skinny, curvy or any other types of jeans if they know their measurements.
  2. Body Type: Body types are different for different women. This is one of the reasons why curvy jeans look good on some, not on others. Knowing the body type will allow women to find jeans that fit them and amplify their standards.
  3. Maintenance: Once a perfect fit is achieved, invest in different colours of rinse. Wash regularly but not all the time, and make sure to avoid the dryer. It helps a good pair of jeans last longer.


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