7 Ways to Make Cooking Fun and Enjoyable


Finding a new recipe and cooking something that’s not interesting is demotivating. But cooking is a science that you learn step by step. It’s also an art that’s perfected with patience and practice.

People dread the idea of preparing meals because of budgeting and the whole cooking process. It sounds like a lot of work that’s not fun or enjoyable. But despite what you feel about it, it’s a good thing to do.

If you want to stay healthy, for instance, cooking will have to be part of the journey. Remember that every successful person does everything on purpose.

Also, note that you don’t need to be a master chef to nail it in the kitchen or enjoy the process. Do some reading to find out what you can do to start enjoying your time in the kitchen.

Tips to Make Cooking Fun and Enjoyable

Do you love cooking and would you like to make it more fun and interesting? We all have to cook to nourish our bodies and stay healthy. Unfortunately, some people find this activity boring. To develop an interest in cooking, you’ll need to research and find ways of making the activity fun.

In this article, we give you tips on how you can make cooking a fun activity.

1. Streamline Meal Preparation

Meal preparation on weekends is helpful for those who don’t have time to spend in the kitchen every day. If you’d like to save time, modern appliances like multi-cookers will give you the option of either fast cooking or slow cooking. You can use it to saute, simmer, steam, or boil.

You can also make use of mobile apps to make your meal preparation process more seamless. The meal apps will help you find healthy recipes and create an easy shopping list. That way, you can pick up everything for the week during one trip to the store.

Creating meal plans on your phone also makes it easy to share the recipe with family and friends. But if you’re not tech-savvy, a piece of paper will work just fine in helping you plan out your meals.

2. Get the Right KitchenTools

Ensuring you have the right kitchen tools before meal preparation will help to take away some of the stress. Thus, you must invest in kitchenware that will make meal preparation easy and fun.

If you’ve only invested in one kitchen tool, how about investing in serving trays? After all, nothing makes entertaining your guests more tedious than not having a cheese board serving tray. With a cheese board tray, you can have fun finishing it off with some garnishes. You can give the tray a seasonal touch using fresh herbs and edible flowers.

You can also add some fruits to give the tray the look and feel you want. And, if you are unsure what kind of cheese to put on your board, you may be interested in learning about pecorino cheese. It makes an excellent addition to a cheese board without being overpoweringly cheese-like. Whether it’s a large cheese board tray or a small cheese board tray, they will give your guests a wide range of experiences.

3. Try a New Recipe

Trying out a new recipe can make your cooking experience more fun. You must have heard of the saying, life is more adventurous when you try new things? Well, the same applies when trying new recipes in the kitchen. If you want to have fun and enjoy cooking, this tip is for you.

Some of the things that can inspire you to try new recipes include watching cooking shows. You can also get inspiration from YouTube or by reading a recipe book.

Trying new recipes gets more fun if you invite a friend to share the culinary adventure with. If you’ve never made a dish before, find someone in your social circle with some experience with food. Invite them over to help you make a meal. And if you are making seafood recipes, you just find lobster near me and order online for fresh lobster.

If you learn the tricks of the technique from someone who has done it before, then trying a new recipe is easier. Also, working on such a project with a friend or family member is a great bonding experience.

4. Join a Cooking Class

Joining a cooking class will help you enjoy your cooking experience. Besides, it will help you to meet new people, share cooking tips, and creative cooking skills.

A cooking class will also help you learn terminologies in recipe preparation. It will also expand your taste profile by exposing you to new ingredients and combinations that you may never have thought of.

Speak to your chef or trainer about a few things that you want to learn. Ask them to bring some of the things to class that you’re not familiar with like kitchen appliances. They can, for instance, teach you how to use serveware collections that you’re not familiar with. That way, you can impress your visitors with unique serveware.

Hiring a personal chef to train you at home is more convenient. You get the benefits of customization and flexibility as the class is a one-on-one experience.

5. Use Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are an interesting way of spicing up cooking. They’re a healthy way of adding flavor and garnishing food.

There are a variety of herbs that can be used in cooking. And, at least one herb that’s suited for virtually every dish you make. Learning about different herbs will introduce an artistic side to your cooking skills.

Some herbs can indeed be used when dry. But fresh is preferred, especially, when it comes to meal presentation.

6. Cooking While Listening to Music

Sometimes cooking can be boring, stressful, and tiring. Thus, creating a positive cooking environment will help you make your cooking fun.

It would be nice if you could have your child play some music for you, but if not, maybe they could take a piano lesson. And if you’re wondering when to start piano lessons, it would help to know that every child is different.

Music and food are the two things that we have an instant connection with. It’s through our association and connection that we prefer specific styles of music and food. Over time, we realize that certain dishes feel a real attachment to that music.

Food nourishes the body and is an important part of life. So the next time you’re cooking, remember to put together your favorite songs in a playlist on your laptop. Hit that play button and recreate the best cooking fiesta in your kitchen.

7. Be Confident

Step up to that oven or the wooden serving board with complete confidence in your abilities. Note that an anxious spirit doesn’t enjoy being creative and it rarely succeeds. Thus, you have to convince yourself that you are capable of it. That way, you’ll enjoy the cooking experience.

And at the dinner table, a delicious meal and corresponding smile from your guests will do the trick. But you must believe in yourself before that happens.

Walk around the kitchen like you know what you’re about to do. Before you know it, you’ll have actualized it. Of course, mistakes might happen. But even that is okay because you learn from it. Remember that the worst thing you can do is not believe in yourself.

If cooking is new to you, then don’t aim for perfection with your first recipe. Just aim at experimenting and practicing. Start with a few basic recipes and work your way up to something complex.

Final Take Away

Technological advancements have changed the way we cook. Information on cooking is now everywhere and accessible to everyone. Due to that, people can enjoy the fulfillment of preparing healthy meals. This can happen without considering your lack of skills or limited budget.

It doesn’t matter that you’re a passionate foodie or an amateur chef. That’s because taking the right initiative can make your cooking experience more fun.


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