Do You Need a Miter Saw Stand? Guide and Tips


A miter saw stand is popular among professional workers, but amateurs are doubtful about its need. If you have one woodwork project in your life, you may still use the table that can hold a miter saw or any other flat surface to make precise cuts. Usually, the stand is not included in the miter saw the package. However, the best miter saw stand can significantly ease your job if you need to cut wood once in a while.

Do You Need a Miter Saw Stand - Guide and Tips

You can always use a miter saw at any place you want. Yet, having the miter saw stand provides you with numerous opportunities and increases the security level. If you work on a project that requires mobility and using the saw in the field, the stand is the most suitable option. Moreover, if you want to adjust the height of the miter saw you work with, you can easily do it on the stand.

Different Types of Stands

There are several types of stands with specific features each. You have to find out which one will be the most beneficial to you. There are stands for newbies and professionals. The main types:

  • Classic or traditional stand. Usually, this is the basis we are all familiar with. It is a wooden plank that unites the sawhorses together. While the design of the table is simple, it is highly functional. This option is perfect if you don’t want to remove the saw anywhere. It is reliable, and it is cheap;
  • Rail. This miter saw stand is universal for any level of skills. It is portable and lightweight, and you can take it to your fieldwork. The legs are usually foldable, and you may adjust them to any height you need. It is sturdy to work as long as you need. This stand is slightly more expensive;
  • Tabletop stand. It is a mix of rail stands and classic ones. It has foldable legs, and you can adjust it to your height. Yet, it is not as light as the rail model. Instead of rail, you have the tabletop, and you have to fasten your saw to it;
  • Rolling stand. This is a highly popular model among all woodworkers. They are simple in use and portable. You can see the locking wheels on the legs allowing you to roll it anywhere you want. Both wheels and legs can be folded in no time. Usually, this is the most expensive option on the list;
  • Compound stand. These stands are diverse, stable, and offer numerous features. They have the perfect design for any level of skills, they are reliable, and you can decide whether the stand must be portable or not.

How to Choose the Best Stand

You have to pay attention to numerous features while choosing the stand. You may not need all of them, so you can significantly adjust your demands based on the work you are doing and the skills you have. It will also change the original price of the stand. Here is what you need to look for:

  • Perfect fit. Your miter saw must be compatible with the stand you choose. While many models are universal, you still have to make sure that the stand will not be too small or too fragile to hold the weight of the saw;
  • Weight it can hold. You have to check out the weight holding capacity of the stand in advance. Make sure it can hold 300-700 pounds. This number includes the miter saw as well as the wood. If your miter saw is heavy, the stand must be heavy-duty. Portable small stands are usually lightweight and hold up to 300 pounds;
  • Height. The best stand is the one that can be adjusted to the height you need. Height is one of the major factors since you need to make sure you will not have to bend for hours while you work. It must be comfortable for you. Usually, the height of standard stands is somewhere between 34 and 38 inches;
  • Materials you work with. Your stand has to support the width and height of the material you cut, apart from its weight. If you work with crown moldings or any other long objects, you have to make sure you can place them on the stand. The stand must be reliable and offer extra support. Some stands offer support of 9 feet maximum, and others provide 16 feet support. Pay attention to the average length of material you work with and pick the length you need;
  • Material that stands is made of. The miter saw stand is usually made of durable and lightweight steel and aluminum. The most durable is steel, widely used for heavy-weight works, while aluminum offers portability. Choose the option you need the most;
  • Stable stand. Make sure the stand is not rocking to the different sides. The miter saw will reach a high speed. You need to rely on the stand stability. The shifting table is always a problem for any work, yet it becomes dangerous when it comes to the miter saw operating. You need to choose the steady model that can hold the weight of both material and the saw and not wobble or shift no matter which speeds you choose. If you want to go with a stand on the wheels for your daily work, the best is 8 wheels stand with locks and extra grips. It will provide extra stability.

Easy to Use Stand

You should first pay attention to how easily you operate the miter saw on the stand. This model is made specifically for the miter saw and materials you will cut. It will significantly decrease the risks of injuries during your work and improve safety. Read this manual before you buy a miter saw stand and pick the model you need the most.


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