Different Types of FSSAI Food License in India


The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the govt of India that is headquartered in New Delhi ensures the perpetration of the principles and regulations of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, generally called FSSAI. In India, any person starting with a food business must have a food license or a enrollment from FSSAI.

Different Types of FSSAI Food License in India

Types Of FSSAI Food Licenses

Three differing types of food licenses are issued by the Food Safety and Security Association of India; they are as follows

1) Drive FSSAI Enrollment

Small business drivers – manufacturers, storehouse units, and retailers can gain this introductory FSSAI enrollment. it’s issued by the government for a minimal period of 1 time and outside for 5 times. T

2) State FSSAI License

business Drivers having an periodic development further than 12 lakhs are issued this license. Small and medium-sized manufacturers, storehouse units, must have the state FSSAI license issued. it’s a minimal validity of 1 time and a outside of 5 times

3) Central FSSAI License

Food businesses having periodic development greater than 20 crores are issued this license. Large manufacturers, government agencies, sea ports, etc. got to get a central FSSAI license issued. This license is issued by the central government, and thus the minimum term of this license is one time, while the ultimate is five times.

Different Ways To Make Sure Food Safety

Several styles got to be enforced by the food assiduity to make sure food safety; Following are the ways ti ensure food safety

1) Identify dangerous substances in food products-regular hazard analysis tests must be conducted, and accordingly, the hazards should be linked and removed.

2) Maintain and regulate the food, making conduct, and form verification procedures to make sure that each one corrective way are being followed.

3) Workers should be provided with proper training. they are also liable for the proper running and quality of food products being vended within the request.

The distributors of all kinds of food products within the request must be impelled to conduct quality checks of the food products.

A business food driver can apply for FSSAI food licence by visiting its functionary pointwww.fssai.gov.in, FSSAI sets up the expression and enforcement of food safety norms and has made different norms for food types like personal food, irradiation of food, etc.

A food business driver must get a food license issued under the rules of FSSAI.

Documents Needed For Food License Maharashtra

How might I get food permit in Maharashtra?

The food business administrators in the province of Maharashtra can basically apply by filling up a web-based application. FBOs carrying on with work in the territory of Maharashtra are expected to look for a permit from the Maharashtra FSSAI state specialists.

What are some basic documents needed for FSSAI Licence?

  • Photo identity of Business owner
  • Documents like ration card, pan card, Aadhar card, driving licence
  • List of Products
  • Partner and director list
  • Documents of premises like rental agreement


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