A Look At The Booming Craft Beer Scene in Vancouver, BC


Like several other regions in Canada, Vancouver is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, offering a broad range of spectacular hiking trails, pristine lakes, and an exciting culinary scene. Recently, the place has become one of the best craft beer producers in North America because several microbreweries and large-scale production houses are making some of the finest ale.

A Look At The Booming Craft Beer Scene in Vancouver, BC

Besides the delicious local craft beer vancouver offers its tourists several charming pubs, beer festivals, bars, and restaurants with an extensive menu. Invariably, while the locals enjoy these delectable creations, even travelers have additional excitement to look forward to when exploring Vancouver and its surrounding areas.

The following information elaborates on the enigmatic beer scene in the city, helping new locals and tourists find must-visit beer spots for a memorable experience.


Although British Columbia is home to the second-largest number of breweries in Canada, Vancouver has never been a stranger to the craft scene. The city’s oldest brewers can be traced back to the 1880s when they worked out of residential properties and created significant variants for the locals to enjoy.

Sometime later, these establishments began merging, some disappearing, leaving the public disappointed with the change. Several Vancouver-based brewers took inspiration from this response and started meeting at the Stanley Park Rowing Club during the 1970s. However, the 1980s catapulted the craft scene to new heights as scores of small and microbreweries became successful manufacturers of tasty beer.

Gradually, Vancouver witnessed numerous craft makers establishing themselves as industry leaders, with the east earning the nickname Yeast Van.

The current craft beer scene

Until five years ago, there were just over ten local brewers in the city, creating unique ales, hops, and lagers to cater to various palates. Then, the local authorities amended an old bylaw that permitted breweries to sell only a single twelve-ounce glass of beer per person one night. Consequently, there was a burst of new brewers with vast industry expertise, forming delicious flavors that reflected the region.

There are more than forty breweries in Vancouver, accounting for most of the total number in British Columbia. Some operate restaurant-cum-bars, creating beers that cater to diverse tastes. Moreover, visitors can quickly book reservations and order various ale online, opting for an exciting mix of flavors in one pack.

Reputable enterprises, such as those near Stanley Park, use less water in their production along with dry hopping, ensuring the beverage retains maximum flavor. Also, many Vancouver establishments provide additional services, such as musical entertainment, hiking, beer festivals, etc.

About local breweries

Regarding beer, Vancouver offers its residents and traveling guests only the finest in terms of quality and cost. You can visit micro or nano-breweries, which are more economical than the larger, more reputable ones, or opt for restaurant-cum-bars that create some of the most delicious local craft beer.

Also, note that a significant portion of these establishments involve themselves in Craft Beer Week as a tribute to the history of this booming industry in Vancouver. So, when exploring the flourishing craft scene in British Columbia, ensure you do not overlook this famous and fantastic city. It will undoubtedly be the most exciting part of your journey.


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