Advantages Of a Bachelor of Science in Dental Therapy


Completing a Bachelor of Dental Therapy course can open the door to many job opportunities for you. This four-year program can increase your knowledge and skills, allowing you to seek a great career in the health, research, education, and management sectors.

Advantages Of a Bachelor of Science in Dental Therapy

You can work under professional dentists, conducting various dental procedures and inspections. Additionally, you can serve as a dental hygienist whose job role is to maintain the oral health of patients by instructing proper oral hygiene.

There are many more great advantages that you can get after completing a Bachelor Of Science In Dental Therapy. Keep reading the article to know about them.

Top Great Benefits of Bachelor of Dental Therapy Degree You Should Know

Get Career Advancement Opportunities

Your journey to become a proficient dental physician assistant kicks off after completing the Bachelor of Dental Therapy program. There are a host of career progression options for dental therapists after graduation.

Dental therapists can work in different private general dental offices or specialized dental clinics like orthodontists or periodontic clinics. Dental therapists can also apply for specialized jobs in government dental organizations.

In addition, dental physician assistants can pursue teaching or research careers in the oral health education field. They can take the role of the healthcare managers in health institutions. Moreover, working as a consultant and educational representative to promote the new oral products can be a good opportunity.

Besides all these, after completing a BSc in Dental Therapy, you can also apply directly for the dental therapist role in the public sector. In this role, the government attaches the dental therapist to a health facility to perform extractions, filling, or replacing of teeth. Scaling, polishing, and making the tooth’s X-rays are also some added responsibilities.

Gives Schedule Flexibility

One of the best benefits of completing a Bachelor of Dental Therapy is that it allows an individual to schedule their own working time. As dental physician assistants, they can opt for full-time or part-time roles, helping them to spend time with family and on other personal endeavors.

Moreover, many dental hygienists work under several professional dentists and dental clinics and fix their schedules accordingly. They can subsequently manage their appointments as per their preferences.

Besides this, dental therapists can avoid situations when they have to be available around the clock, unlike other jobs where professionals have to be available for emergencies. This flexibility allows them to have routines outside work such as having workouts, jogging, etc. Doesn’t it sound very relaxing? Consequently, dental hygienists can set their working hours to maintain the right work-life balance.

Helps With Competitive Salary

How much do dental hygienists earn? This common question arises in the mind of every student when applying for a Bachelor of Dental Therapy degree. Fortunately, dental physician assistants usually have competitive salaries. The initially expected income can be very impressive which also depends on if it is a full-time or a part-time job role.

However, there might be many other factors that can impact the salary. These include the location you live and the amount of experience you have, etc. Dental therapists who work in busy city centers tend to earn more than their rural counterparts. Thus, you can have a great quality of life by making good money.

Provides a Comfortable and Interactive Environment

Another advantage one can get from this career is a relaxed and interactive environment. Firstly, as dental physician assistants, they earn the opportunity to interact every day with different kinds of people of different ages and backgrounds. In addition, helping the patients reduce their fears and ensuring their visit goes smoothly is also their responsibility. This provides a lot of unique interactions and a human quality to the job.

Secondly, dental therapists can work in comfortable and well-structured dental clinics. The offices are furnished with proper ventilation such as air-conditioners and fans. This is a great benefit especially if one struggles a lot with heat. Additionally, the work environment of the clinics will also be often free from dust, dirt, and clutter which is most suitable for allergic people.

Over time, dental therapists can build good relationships with all their patients through many personal interactions while providing their professional services in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Can Enjoy Every Day Differently

This is a unique and amazing advantage that you can gain once you complete a Bachelor of Science in Dental Therapy. The job role of dental physician assistants is to deal with multiple patients every day. Even when performing the same tasks, still there are dissimilar needs and concerns as per the requirements of each patient. Each person will be provided different oral care and treatment.

In addition, each patient will be differently advised on dental health education as per their oral health condition. The dental hygienists must be able to adjust themselves according to the communication style of every patient which can ease the conversation.

In this manner, no day will be the same, and one cannot predict what another day might bring.

Giving back to your local communities

To give back to your community, you can provide dental health services as a dental therapist to the public in the community setting. It will allow you to offer preventive oral health checkups in local institutions for poorer people who may not have the ability to afford private dental care. This widens the social impact of oral health care and the treatment of oral diseases.

As a dental physician assistant, you can work on projects which include:

  • Conducting a dental program of tooth brushing in primary schools.
  • Helping the staff to make the dental care plans in the residential care and nursing homes.
  • Scheduling oral health promotions
  • Offering dental screening to criminals in the probation service.

Receives Potential Perks

When employers hire you as a dental therapist, they provide several perks. These include insurance coverage, professional membership dues, sick leaves, paid vacations, and tuition support to continue your education.

However, the extent of the benefits varies in different dental organizations. Also, it depends on whether it is a full-time or part-time job.

Summing Up

So, if you are ready to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, you will get many benefits we have broken down above. Completing this four-year course opens the door to many job opportunities in reputable dental organizations and with high salaries. The degree also allows you to give back to society in any manner you see fit. Good career advancement options, flexible schedules, and other organizational perks add the icing on the cake.

You can continue your education by earning a Master’s degree in most health-related programs, providing you with higher job options in a respected field. As it is rightly said, “the sky is the limit”.


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