How Should You Prepare The SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam Pattern?


Have you been wondering about the Tier3 Exam pattern of SSC CGL? Most of the students get confused or not satisfied after downloading the SSC CGL answer key. Nevertheless, you would not remain confused anymore since we are going to explain in a detailed manner here. First, you need to keep in mind that Tier 3 is a new paper added to the syllabus indeed. This exam has been placed instead of the personal interview phase currently. You may start preparing for the Tier 3 Descriptive Paper once you get familiar with the SSC CGL syllabus as well as pattern in an incredible manner.

It is a pen and paper-oriented exam containing 100 marks. Whether you want to attempt it in English or Hindi, you can go for it. You would be needed to prepare for different aspects of this exam such as letters, essays, and applications, and so on. This exam will be for 60 minutes. Moreover, the time would be extended by 80 minutes for the handicapped candidates.

How Should You Prepare The SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam Pattern

Talking about the nature of this exam, it is one you need to qualify. We all know SSC CGL cut off has been going up over the years. Marks would be added in the preparation of final merit indeed. It means the paper will be bilingual. Moreover, you just need to choose the language you are comfortable with whether it is Hindi or English Language.

Best Tips To Prepare Tier 3 SSC CGL 2020

In this section, we are going to mention some of the best tips that are quite helpful to prepare you well for the Tier 3 exam. Let’s check it out –

Emphasize On Your Writing Skills –

The motto of organizing this paper is to assess the writing skills of candidates. To get great marks in this exam, you need to go with an excellent strategy. You must emphasize doing more and more practice. You will get better the more you do practice.

Proper Structure Need To Foster –

Moreover, the next on the list is providing an excellent structure for whatever content you write. Whether it is about an essay or a letter, you need to be highly focused. You need to make sure that you are working effectively on the way of writing a letter, essay, etc. If you keep practice, you can do well at all of them. Though this skill takes a bit of time to get improved.

Work To Build Your Confidence –

The next thing you need to work on is your confidence. You need to make sure that essay, letter, and precise writing is happening accurately. The more you practice, the more confident you will get.

To Go Aware Of The Crucial Happenings –

You should make a habit of reading the newspaper every day. Reading makes you understand how lines have been phrased in an ideal manner. This will help you do writing in an ideal manner and toppers do believe in this trick. You should also make yourself aware of the new age happening. It is time to analyze how the paragraphs and lines are connected.

You need to keep a close eye on the pattern of writing so that you could understand everything in an ideal manner. You should make a habit of reading some useful English Newspaper known for good writing patterns. It could be The Hindustan Times, The Hindu, The Indian Express, or The Telegraph. You may choose the right one accordingly. Do not forget to read the editorial sections of a well-known newspaper. You may put the best effort to note down the important words.

Make A Habit Of Reading Good Quality Books –

You should go ahead to buy good quality books with a variety of essays. It brings good quality content to you on different various topics. Your vocabulary will improve to a great extent. If you cannot buy various books then you may go ahead to get a library card so that you can read a variety of different books indeed.

The more you read different books, the more you will get excellent in it indeed. Moreover, a variety of creative ideas also start coming into your mind. You can truly enhance your vocabulary following this. It does not mean that you need to go only with your course books but start exploring other creative books so that you could get better at it.

In The Last –

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to bring these points into practice to get outstanding results. These tips will truly help you to get the highest marks in the exam.


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