Accused of a Title IX Violation? Know How a Title IX Attorney Can Help You


Students in colleges and universities accused of Title IX violations may not be aware of their due process rights. This makes it important for them to hire a nationwide Title IX defense lawyer to represent them. This way, those accused of harassment, stalking, sexual assault, or date rape can observe their due process rights. These rights need to be protected, particularly when a student face may face potential criminal charges as a result of a Title IX allegation.

Accused of a Title IX Violation? Know How a Title IX Attorney Can Help You

What Does a Title IX Attorney Do?

A Title IX investigation can have far-reaching implications. Students facing a sexual misconduct allegation may need to go through at least a year of disciplinary procedures including hearings and investigations. These procedures can eat away at the time the accused could have been spent on important life matters.

Moreover, the investigation can cause an emotional burden that the accused may find hard to bear. If you are in this situation, you may choose to isolate yourself from the public after your reputation has been tarnished. Also, the investigation and other processes may distract you. Because of the complexity of the situation, you need an attorney to make sure your rights are upheld.

A skilled Title IX lawyer will aggressively advocate for your rights at each step of the Title IX process. They will initiate complaints that the investigation may fail to handle properly or when a disciplinary hearing has been engaged without enough protection. Your attorney expects any attempts to circumvent such protections. They will pressure all parties should the situation take a turn for the worse.

Title IX Issues Your Attorney Will Handle

After being charged with a Title IX violation, you may be compelled to defend your actions based on a term’s legal definition. For instance, a lot of Title IX investigations hinge on the presence of “consent.” However, determining if consent was provided during a sexual act is not easy to understand, especially when both students involved were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, some schools unreasonably assign a definition. A Title IX attorney knows to handle this matter and will ensure your rights are protected.

In addition, the school may not allow you to confront the accuser or may hold a private hearing and just inform you of the final decision. A great Title IX attorney can ask a court to order your school to stop the proceedings or halt the enforcement of the decision.


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