Diamond Injury Law Firm: What are the Common Types of Injuries They Handle?


A personal injury is one that occurs to the body and is often caused by the negligence of another person. When someone is injured, they may need to seek help from an attorney to learn about their rights and the steps they will need to take to get the compensation they are owed. Knowing the types of injury claims that can be handled by a personal injury attorney is essential for injured victims who need legal help.

Diamond Injury Law Firm: What are the Common Types of Injuries They Handle?

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Multiple types of personal injury cases can be handled by an attorney. Injured victims need to be aware of these types so they will know when they should seek legal counsel for their claims. When someone has been injured in the following types of cases, it is important to contact Diamond Injury Law right away.

Car Accidents

One of the most common types of personal injury cases handled by attorneys is car accidents. When someone is injured in a serious car accident that was the fault of another driver, the victim may have the right to seek compensation for their injuries and damages, including medical bills and lost wages.

Slip and Falls

Slip and fall cases are another type of injury case that is handled by an attorney. Slip and falls are often caused by property owner negligence. In a slip and fall tort, individuals can sometimes suffer grave injuries.

Medical Malpractice

When someone hires a doctor, they expect this medical professional to provide a standard of care for their illness, injury, or other medical condition. When a medical professional fails to provide a standard of care or acts negligently and causes injuries to a patient, the patient has the right to pursue compensation. Medical malpractice cases are one of the most difficult to pursue which is why many people seek help from an attorney.

Dog Bites

Owners are required by law to take care of their dogs and keep them contained. When a dog bites someone, the owner can be held liable for any injuries and damages. Dog attacks can be highly debilitating and traumatizing. Holding the owner accountable for a dog bite begins with seeking help from an attorney.

Intentional Torts

While some personal injury cases result from negligence, there are those that stem from intentional acts. Assault, battery, and other intentional cases can also be handled by a personal injury attorney. These cases can be brought against the defendant outside of any criminal charges.

Take the First Step By Scheduling a Consultation

To get help with a personal injury claim, injured victims need to first schedule a consultation appointment with the attorney. An attorney will immediately begin investigating the claim to determine fault. Once the fault has been established, the attorney will work towards pursuing the at-fault person and their insurance company so compensation can be paid.

An injured victim should never be forced to handle dealing with the aftermath of their injuries alone. An attorney becomes an advocate for an injured person. The attorney will work tirelessly to make sure the rights of their injured client are protected and they receive fair compensation.

It is important to remember the statute of limitations in personal injury claims. Once the statute of limitations time has passed, injured individuals will no longer be allowed to pursue compensation for their injuries and damages.


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