How to Install Window Shutters


Before you install window shutters, you will need to determine the location of the holes. The shutters are installed by placing them next to the building. Before installing shutters, drill holes through the siding and into the wall. Make sure to keep the screws away from the brick wall, since this can damage them. Before you begin, make sure you have the mounting spikes ready. These will be inserted into the pre-drilled holes. After the installation is complete, you can attach the window shutters to the building.

How to Install Window Shutters

Procedure for installing window shutters

Once you have the right size of shutters, you can begin installing them. Before you start, make sure that the windows and panels are in the correct position. You should also mark the top and bottom stiles and place the panels next to them. Once you have positioned the panels, place them next to the window. After you have centered the shutters, you should drill 5/16″ holes in them. Then, fasten the panels onto the frames using the screws.

When installing window shutters, you need to carefully mark the slats. The slats are similar in appearance, and this makes it difficult to determine the correct placement. Fortunately, shutters are easy to install, and you don’t need any prior experience to complete the project. Most manufacturers provide hinge pints for the shutters to help ensure that the panels are centered. The slats of the shutter should close upward. If they don’t, you can screw them to the bottom of the window frame.

Instruments using for installing shutters

You can install shutters on any window by following the instructions on the packaging. Many shutters are inside-mounted. If you want to install them on the outside, you will need to attach the hardware. The shutters come with hinge pints, which will strengthen them. For inside-mounted shutters, you will need to remove the old shutter and fit the shutters on the frame. If the panel is not square, you will need to cut a new one.

First, you need to choose the material for your shutters. Most shutters come with a metal frame, which makes installation more difficult. Lastly, you’ll need to make sure that you use screws of the proper size. You can also buy a wood shutter and attach it to the frame. If you’re unsure of whether or not you’ll need to hire a professional, you should consult a local home improvement store.

Installation of window shutters according to location

After choosing your shutter style, you must choose the location where you want to hang it. You’ll need to determine the exact dimensions of the window. If the shutters are inside-mounted, then the hanging strips should be installed on the outside of the window. If you’re planning to install them on the exterior, make sure you mark the mounting holes on the building with chalkboard paint. You will need to measure the height and width of the window before deciding where to mount the shutters.

Once you’ve determined the location where you want to install the shutters, you’ll need to determine how they’ll be installed on the building. Some manufacturers have detailed instructions to guide you through the installation process. However, some shutters require professionals. This is a good idea if you have a handyman and don’t mind putting your window blinds up on your own. But, you can also choose to do the installation yourself if you’re comfortable with DIY projects.

Steps for measure window opening

You should measure the window opening before assembling the shutters. Then, you need to drill the holes in the wall for the hinges. The mounting holes must be drilled through the walls before the shutters can be installed. After this, you can screw the shutters into the wall. The hinges should be attached to the frame with the hardware. This should be done by following the instructions carefully. This can be a difficult job for a beginner, but with a little effort, it will be worth it.


After assembling the shutters, you need to make the mounting holes on the wall. After you’ve drilled the holes, you can attach the hinges. Then, you need to attach the tiebacks. Then, you need to attach tiebacks and hang the shutters. The shutters should be able to swing and close comfortably. Then, you should lubricate the hinges with WD-40 or other lubricant.


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