Rebranding: Top 6 Reasons to Change


Modern world is changing rapidly. It applies to literally everything – people, technology, products, offers. Brands are no exception. They do not just have to change along with the environment, they have to be proactive. This is the only way to stay relevant and in demand, like Casino Bizzo or Netflix have been doing this for years. And this applies both to products and elements of visualization. Fonts, graphics, logo – what yesterday was fresh, original, and breakthrough, today becomes banal and outdated. To bring back the newness, firms are rebranding, restyling, redesigning, and other activities aimed at updating the brand.

Rebranding: Top 6 Reasons to Change

Initially Low Quality of the Brand Identity

It often happens that at the start, the entrepreneur is limited in funds. They have enough money for the most necessary things, and the budget for branding is formed on the leftover principle. As a result, the logo is drawn “on the spot”, corporate colors are chosen based on personal preferences, and no one pays attention to the fonts and does not care – use the first ones available.

If the product isn’t bad, then some time the company may survive. But then problems begin because the visual elements don’t meet the preferences of the target audience. And with the uniqueness of these brands is usually not good. This means that registering a trademark and protection against unscrupulous competitors will not work.

Turn to professionals and rebrand your company or product – the best thing you can think of in this situation. Based on the results of complex marketing research, specialists will create corporate style, mission, values and company philosophy. And if necessary they will work out a strategy of renewed brand development.

Corporate Identity no Longer Matches the Brand

Effective business cannot be static. External conditions change and the brand transforms along with them. It can have updated values and philosophy, expand product line and target audience, change price segment or field of activity. After a while, the visual image no longer matches the ideology, or even confronts it. To restore the integrity of the brand, it’s worth ebranding.

The Visual Image of the Brand Doesn’t Match the Preferences of the Target Audience

Why does this happen? First, because of mistakes made at the stage of brand formation. If full-fledged market research was not conducted when the project was launched, the logo and other elements of the corporate style might not initially match the tastes of consumers. The second reason is entering a new market. Mentality, cultural traditions, language peculiarities of different countries differ so much that it can become a serious problem.

Brand Visualization Elements Evoke Unwanted Associations

There are three reasons for this. The first is again unprofessionalism. Specialists in branding agencies test all names and images, and then sift out variants that cause unwanted associations. Beginners and freelancers with no experience often overlook this step. So there are unsound, and sometimes downright obscene names, slogans and logos. The second reason is too much creativity. The desire to stand out from the competition is justified. But only when it does not go beyond the boundaries of reasonableness.

And finally, third. The world around us is constantly changing. There are new currents and trends, and not always positive. Society’s attitude towards old and well-known phenomena is changing.

Brand Visualization Elements Don’t Adapt to New Media

Comparatively recently, one of the smallest carriers of brand symbols were business cards. And even back then, many entrepreneurs faced difficulties adapting the logo. For example, in black and white printing, the logo almost always lost its appeal and turned into an unreadable spot. With the entry of companies into virtuality, the problem got worse. Now the logo had to be adapted not only to monochrome execution, but also to small icons of social network accounts and applications. Ordinary size reduction did not solve this, because the logo became illegible.

Inappropriateness is typical for old logos that were developed five or more years ago. Besides, this problem is often encountered by entrepreneurs who have ordered company logos from non-professionals. The solution in both cases is one – to rebrand the company.

It’s Necessary to Distance Oneself From Competitors

A manufacturer can produce a really high-quality product. But if its packaging blends in with a dozen others, the likelihood of buying that particular product tends to zero. And without buying, the consumer will not be able to appreciate the high quality. That is why it is vital for brands to stand out against the background of other brands. And the higher the competition in the industry, the more noticeable it needs to become.


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