The Best Way to Buy Strip Grates


Strip Drains takes pleasure in making purchasing and fabricating stainless steel linear strip drains as straightforward and cost-effective as feasible.

Specialists ship drains all throughout Australia, and they are usually delivered within a week of receiving your order. So you can buy strip grates with the help of E Industrial Engineering.

All of the products are made of 316L stainless steel and folded from 1.6mm sheet material manufactured in Australia. This allows us to ensure that the strip drain you receive is of the best quality, whether it’s for your bathroom floor, shower, balcony, or pool and swimming areas.

The trays are laser cut and CNC folded to ensure a high-quality product with a considerably more durable linear drain. The trays have a little incline at the base to prevent pooling water, and outlets come in a variety of sizes and are fully TIG welded to the sub trays. Plastic fittings and glues are not used in the manufacturing process.

On-Line Drains

The website makes ordering and paying for your strip drain online a breeze. Buy your drain today if you have your measurements and specs ready, and experts will build and ship it to your delivery address.

If you’re not sure what you need, contact experts first to discuss your requirements. From there, experts can help you choose the perfect product and size for your patio, bathroom, balcony, or swimming pool wet area project.

Product Selection

Stainless steel products built to order include:

  • Drains with wedge wires
  • Drains for Tile Inserts
  • Floor Debris
  • Heel Guard (non-slip)

Drainage using Wedge Wire

The wedge wire drains are made of 316L stainless steel and have a classic sleek steel grate design that is ideal for residential and commercial linear drain applications.

Wedge wire drains can be installed on your balcony, pool area, bathroom, driveway, shower, or any other area where water needs to be removed quickly.

Drain Tile Insert

Tile insert drains have all of the advantages of wedge wire drains, plus the option to insert your tile to match the tile in your shower, bathroom, pool, or balcony. The tile insert linear drain conceals the drain while giving your wet area project a sleek modern design.

Floor Debris

Specialists make square floor waste drains with a tile insert so you may cover your drain and match your wet area’s existing or chosen tile.

Heel Guard (non-slip)

Non-slip heel guards manufactured to order are ideal for high-traffic commercial projects and public areas where OH&S regulations need non-slip surfaces. Companies produce a lot of these goods for government agencies.

Drains With Lines

Linear drains are a sort of elongated drain or extended or floor rubbish that permits water to be removed from a balcony, pool, shower, or driveway area more efficiently and effectively. Over a normal point drain, a tile insert type linear drain has the advantage of only requiring one gradient for easier installation and drain concealment.

A superb bathroom makeover option


Linear grates and drains are a popular way to give your bathroom renovation, panoramic swimming pool or bath, walk-in showers, and dual/double showers a sleek, bespoke design appeal. Tile insert drains and stainless steel finish strip drains are among the finishes available for linear strip drains.


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