7 Tips For Making Online Classes More Interesting For Children


Over recent years, online classes are in a huge trend. It is very important to indulge the students in effective learning. As we know time is very precious, so each second of the sessions should be looked over. It is not just opening the webcams and start teaching. However, it is more about scheduling the lessons regularly and systematically.

7 Tips For Making Online Classes More Interesting For Children

For many teachers, online teaching can be challenging as they are much used to traditional school teaching. The lectures with no creativity can bring boredom to children. Instructors have to make the live online classes for the kids more interactive to boost their interest and to make them more efficient. The attention, active participation, and involvement of the students are the key points that must be taken into consideration while preparing the lesson plan.

For the engaging sessions, teachers should have the best teaching strategies. The classes should be fun, motivating, and inspiring. So, if your question is how to make live sessions interesting for the students? Fortunately, there are several tips and to know about them, keep reading the article.

7 Top Effective Ways To Make Live Online Classes More Engaging

#1. Present Yourself Rightly

During live classes, teachers should look confident and clear-minded in explaining the topics. The right teaching style will help to earn the respect of the children. But, they need to manage every aspect of online sessions a little differently in comparison with traditional school classrooms.

So, the teaching approaches of the live classes for the kids have to be interesting. Teachers can accomplish it with:

● Visuals: When you are teaching the kids through the webcams, ensure you look presentable. In addition, do not neglect the space you are sitting in to teach the children. There is a tip for all the teachers, create a simple background that will prevent distractions.

If kids see your face clearly, it would be more encouraging for them. You should look active and more involved in what you are communicating. Moreover, all your visual teaching materials such as blackboard, printed study notes, etc. must be clear enough so that children can understand them well.

Make sure the visuals you use for the online classes for the primary school kids must be of high quality. It will be helpful to see and understand the topics properly and easily.

● Audios: Try the unique tone of your voice for conveying the information. Practicing storytelling has shown a great impact on the memory and retention capacity of young kids. It is because stories are much quicker and easier to learn, understand, and remember.

In addition, it boosts the level of excitement in the kids. So, teachers need to communicate in a clear voice. Students should find the narratives engaging not just a simple description. It can create a huge difference in motivating the children.

If you’re using the audio clips, assure good quality. The disappointments can enable the children to switch from their studies more quickly than connecting.

#2. Connect With The Students’ Interest

Finding the interest of the students is the key to make the live online classes for the kids more exciting. There are many children who enjoy writing about their favorite books and animated series.

Give the kids freedom to connect with their interests, instead of forcing them to write what a teacher wants. Already familiar with all the characteristics of their favorite character, they can effortlessly convey their views. It will boost their confidence.

Moreover, there are many live online classes for children to guide them in developing effective writing skills. The teachers instruct the basic features of English grammar appropriately. With a good knowledge of the language, a kid can write creatively.

#3. Promote The Students’ Learning Style

Every kid has their own learning style. Many understand well by visuals while some enjoy writing. For instance, if a child learns and memorizes the information by writing, it is best to assist them with the notes. It will be easy to study from them for the exams.

Besides this, if a kid enjoys the visuals, teachers should help them through the educational videos. The learning will be easier with pictures or graphics. So, if you want to make the live online classes for the kids interesting, do consider their learning styles.

#4. Make The Children Feel Valued

Loneliness is the main factor that forces the kids to feel demotivated. It can have a bad impact on their study. It is because they may feel that the teachers will not notice and worry if they miss the online classes.

So, teachers should be responsible to make every child feel valued in class. Some effective suggestions are as follows:

  • Ask every child’s name and use them loudly during the live sessions. They will get happy knowing you recognize them.
  • Check what the kids did in the previous lectures, so they would know that you have a concern for them.
  • Learn the kid’s interests and include them in your teaching. For instance, visuals which everyone enjoys.
  • Give positive feedback on the children’s work
  • Aim to be a cheerful and motivating teacher.

#5. Be Patient With The Children

Keeping the kids engaged in online classes is a challenging task. Young children do not have that much attention strength. It will be tough to help them understand the information quickly.

Here, patience is very necessary to deal with different students. Many of them may need additional guidance which can put the teachers in a difficult situation. Repeating one topic several times until it is thoroughly understood can annoy the instructors.

But, teachers have to concentrate on where a child is struggling in understanding the concept. If you get irritated, students might get scared because of which they will not try to ask their queries. Consequently, it can lead to a disinteresting live session. The outcome of which will be poor academic grades of the children.

#6. Keep The Lessons Short

Keep in mind that time scheduling is very necessary for teaching the students. Teachers must teach the courses differently. Keeping a slow speed and preparing a lengthy lesson plan can lead to students’ disinterest in their studies. Writing and understanding long notes can make them feel tired quickly.

So, it will be better to keep the lesson short. Break every topic into small sections which will help the children learn and understand it easily.

#7. Utilize The Playful Methods

For making interesting live online classes for the kids, teachers can use story prompts and puzzles. These are fun teaching methods to boost the interest in the sessions. Students will quickly learn while playing.

In addition, learning through playing the games will enable the students to memorize it for a longer time. Teachers can provide the story prompts which consist of the images of some characters or locations. Kids have to write about them in brief.

On the other hand, in online puzzle games, kids have to connect the letters to create a correct word. It will arouse their interest and build a good vocabulary which will improve their writing skills.

Besides this, playing different games will develop the ability to solve problems, create ideas, etc. As a result, it will sharpen their memory and boost their motivation.

Summing Up

Preparing the live online classes for the kids needs great creativity and hard work. It can be tough to master initially, but with a few efforts, the children will receive a good experience. All the students will find it more interesting to log into the sessions.

We hope the above-mentioned seven tips provide you the encouragement for creating better online classes. Do your best and motivate the students’ learning.


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