Tips to Maintain And Care For Your Artificial Turf


Installing artificial turf for your lawn or field is a practical and intelligent decision. In Canada, there has been a 50% increase in artificial turf installation this year from 2020.

Installation of artificial turf Canada is common in businesses and homes with lawns that are installing synthetic turf for decorative purposes. Artificial turf is low-maintenance turf and does not require much cleaning. However, it is recommended to maintain and clean your artificial turf to keep the shine and softness.

Tips to Maintain And Care For Your Artificial Turf

Here are some tips for cleaning your turf, which may help increase the durability of your turf.

1. Removing Debris Regularly

Fourteen international stadiums in Canada with artificial turf are maintained regularly. You should always clean your turf and remove debris from the grass that might have been accumulated during rain or by winds. Use a petrol leaf blower to clean or brush the plastic material off the grass.

Artificial turf almost lasts for 20 years in Canadian weather conditions if it is maintained. To avoid any grass breaking or any grass falling, gently clean it with a brush and regularly trim the hedges. You can also use an air blower that comes for lawns and use it to blow away dirt.

● Removing minor stains – There might become mild stains on your turf after anything falls on it like alcohol, coffee, tea, or cola; you can easily remove these stains as they are easily removable. You need to clean these stains using water, detergent, and a brush and apply some pressure.

● Removing stubborn stains – To remove stubborn stains like ink or oil, you can try mixing 3% of ammonia into the water and remove the stains. Other than that, the whole process is the same.

2. Brushing It Daily

The price of artificial turf in Canada ranges from $12 to $20 per square foot, including the installation. As the turf is artificial, you don’t have to put much effort into cleaning it, and you can use a brush and easily clean it by lightly brushing it. Brush your turf daily to avoid any dirt sticking to your turf that may not go quickly.

3. Removing Pets Waste

Removing pet waste from your turf is vital before it is hard to remove. One tip is to wait for the waste to dry and then clean it as it is easy to remove. Most strains are removable, but if you face any problems with some stains, you can try using detergent with water. Other ways to clean your artificial turf are blow-drying, keeping it dry, and avoiding stains.

According to a survey, the maximum use of artificial turf in Canada is for sports requirements, which is almost 60% of the total turf sale. The Global artificial turf market is estimated to grow to USD 3.8 bn by 2025, with the biggest contribution coming from the US and Canada. Synthetic turf is great for personal use and is low-maintenance grass. If you want to explore and buy artificial turf, look at online websites offering great deals.


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