How to Prepare Your Dirt Bike for a Motocross Race


It’s normal for riders to be nervous before their first motocross races. After all, it takes a lot of training and hard work to successfully finish a race. Experienced riders know that it’s not just about training. It’s also about prepping bikes correctly to improve performance, safety, and visibility, so before that first race, read on to find out how to get that dirt bike adequately prepared.

How to Prepare Your Dirt Bike for a Motocross Race

1. Make Sure the Bike Is Clean

Riders should never put their bikes away dirty, but it happens. That’s why the first step to making sure a bike is ready for that first big race is to take a look and make sure everything is sparkling clean and free of dirt. The primary reason for keeping dirt bikes clean is that it makes parts last longer and maintenance much easier, but it’s also essential for riders looking for a motocross graphics kit to apply it to clean plastic.

2. Change the Oil Filter

Most riders change their oil every few races or every five to ten hours, but not all of them are as fastidious as they should be about replacing oil changes. Experts recommend replacing the oil filter on every other oil change to avoid serious problems like having a seized-up engine. That’s the last thing any rider wants to deal with right before a race, so if it’s been a while since the last oil filter change, replace it now just in case.

3. Clean the Air Filters

Some riders clean their air filters after every race, but that’s only necessary when riding in sand or mud. Otherwise, cleaning it every three to five hours should be fine. Remembering to perform this crucial step isn’t just about enhancing performance during the race, either. It’s also about keeping the engine in good shape for as long as possible.

4. Check the Tires

If the bike’s tires are cracked or worn, change them now. New tires can make or break a rider’s performance during a race. If the tires are already in great shape, just pump them up to 15 psi the night before, then adjust as needed the day of the race.

5. Check the Fluids and Lines

Now is a good time to top off fluids or flush fluid lines if they need it. While riders are performing these key maintenance tasks, they should also check the coolant, gas, brake fluid, and hydraulic clutch lines for wear, cracks, and tightness. The last thing any rider wants is to have one of his or her bike’s key systems give out right before or during a race.

6. Use Fresh Gas

It may seem obvious that dirt bikes run better with fresh gas, but enough experienced riders forget to take this advice that it’s worth mentioning here. Bad gas can lead to piston scoring, which can, in turn, cause the engine to stall out mid-race. The best way to avoid these kinds of problems is to buy fresh gas the day before and wait until the day of the race to mix in additives or 2-stroke oil.

Build Confidence By Being Fully Prepared

Every rider gets nervous before his or her first motocross race. One of the best ways to build confidence is to check over each one of a dirt bike’s most essential systems to look for wear and tear, top off fluids, replace damaged parts, and clean off dirt. Having a bike that’s fully prepared for the race can build a rider’s confidence in addition to ensuring optimal performance, so it’s always worth the time.


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