5 Best Lab-Created Diamond Rings to Match Your Style


In a world filled with incredible wonders, style might seem unimportant. It seems like such a small thing in comparison, but the truth is that it isn’t.

Style can boost your self-esteem, confidence, and allows you to be more creative and much more.

Jewelry, like diamond rings, can match your style and help you express yourself.

5 Best Lab-Created Diamond Rings to Match Your Style

What are Lab-Grown Diamond Rings Made of?

The first thing to talk about is what lab-grown diamond rings are made of. Some people think these diamonds are synthetic.

While folks may call them synthetic, they are as real as any mined diamond. They are made of carbon, just like earth-grown diamonds.

Yes, they are man-made, but the only difference between the two has to do with the origin.

Finding the best lab created diamonds is just as exciting as finding mined ones, especially because these were made ethically.

As you may know, mining diamonds isn’t always ethical. There are bad labor practices among other things.

The movie Blood Diamonds did a great to bring awareness to the horrible unethical labor practices used in procuring mined diamonds.

The diamond, no matter which one you choose, is placed in a ring setting of your choice. These rings could be made out of platinum, gold, or sterling silver. There’s also recycled gold.

Classic Ring Styles for Lab-Created Diamonds

Now that you know what these diamond rings are made of, you can move on to what you came here for.

You can find out which ring style is going to match your overall look and style. The following are some stunning options for you:

1. Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Rings

Chances are that you’ve seen the solitaire diamond ring. It’s one of the most classic and stunning engagement design examples out there.

The arresting beauty feels like something out of tales of old. It looks like the kind of ring a dashing young prince would give to his beloved.

The solitaire is popular and for good reason. It has a minimalist feel while showcasing the stone’s natural brilliance. The solitaire setting usually only features the main diamond; everything else would be a distraction.

Most of the time, you’ll see about four prongs keeping the diamond in place without obstructing the brilliance, though you might see up to six prongs sometimes.

You can’t go wrong with the solitaire-style ring. It’ll work in both a formal and informal setting.

2. Lab-Grown Diamond Round Brilliant Rings

The round ring is another classic look. Everyone loves the round diamond shape, sometimes a little more than square-shaped diamonds.

Maybe this happens because round diamonds have an approachable look. Something about them feels inviting.

Rounded edges help soften the look of the stone and give it a delicate look. Those who want to feel like a princess will feel like that with this ring.

With a stone like this, it’s important to ensure the setting highlights the round diamond. These types of rings rarely have anything else because they’ll distract admirers, and no one wants that.

Rings that ensure the diamond is the star will require that you get the best diamond cut with the most clarity. You’ll be happy you did.

3. Lab-Grown Diamond Oval Rings

An oval diamond ring is an intriguing option.

Okay, it’s not really strange, but some people may think so if you’re getting it for an engagement ring. Still, that’s part of what makes it so special.

Some people want something familiar that has stood the test of time, but this isn’t for everyone. Folks who are willing to think outside the box a bit may fall in love with the oval-shaped diamond engagement ring.

What you got here is a stone that combines the classical with the modern.

It also helps make the stone appear more vibrant and bigger. This happens because the oval shape is elongated, so it gives the appearance of being much bigger than it is.

If you want your ring to grab the attention of more folks, then this is for you.

4. Vintage-Inspired Lab-Grown Diamond Rings

Everyone loves the vintage look, and it is growing more and more popular with younger generations.

It sort of allows you to wear something that has a little history behind it; well, it gives the appearance of history.

You could look for a real vintage piece, but those are hard to come by and can be costly. If you’re looking at diamond rings because you’re getting married, that’s already costing you a lot of cash. You should keep to your budget as best you can.

If you want the vintage look, it’s best to go for a vintage-inspired design with a brilliant lab-created diamond to complete the look.

The vintage design is naturally romantic, but it’s also fashion-forward. The look ages well and can be passed down. It can be hip but also classic, depending on the way it’s worn, which makes it pretty versatile.

5. Lab-Grown Diamond Asscher Rings

The Asscher diamond ring is vintage-inspired as well. It’s usually associated with the art deco era, making it quite the statement piece.

If you want your ring to stand out, this is the one for you. It’s not only elaborate. It’s also awe-inspiring, thanks to the cut of the diamond.

The step-cut appearance creates facets that could sparkle so brightly angels might take notice.

It should be pointed out that this kind of ring design wasn’t all that popular before. It was rediscovered recently, and it’s taking the engagement ring world by storm.

You’ll be quite modern if you choose this ring style.

Now, you know all the popular styles you could choose. The rest is up to you. For more tips, talk to a jeweler.


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