Tips to Promote Healthy Eyes


We all take our eyesight for granted and regardless of your age or gender, a wide range of eye conditions can arise at any time. Much like you see your dentist for regular oral examinations, you should have an eye check-up every year and there are best practices for eye care.

Tips to Promote Healthy Eyes

✔ The importance of a balanced diet – Consuming food that incorporates all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients is important for optimum health; fresh fruit and vegetables are a must, while fish that are rich in omega-3 acids, such as salmon, halibut and tuna, are also good for the eyes.

✔ Keep an eye on your weight – Being overweight increases the chances of getting diabetes and that can cause the onset of glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy. A good daily exercise regime promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps you deal with the pressures of daily life.

✔ Wear polarised sunglasses – Sunlight can harm the eyes and wearing polarised sunglasses with a UV400 rating offers 100% protection against both UN-A and UV-B radiation. Search online for a sunglasses supplier and order a few pairs and leave one pair in the car. Exposure to strong sunlight can increase the risk of cataracts forming, while also leaving you more prone to age related macular degeneration. If you experience eye issues, make an appointment with an eye specialist in Melbourne and let them take a look.

✔ No smoking – Aside from the obvious cancer risk, smoking can cause eye issues; cataracts and macular degeneration – many years of smoking can damage the optic nerve. If you really can’t quit, try nicotine patches or chew the gum, which carries less risk of eye damage.

✔ Wear protective eye wear – Riding a bike or motorcycle demands you wear sturdy polarised sunglasses, as insects can fly right into your eye, which can be extremely painful. If you are working with power tools or doing any building work, you should wear goggles.

✔ Eye strain – This is usually a problem for the office worker or digital nomad who spends many hours in front of a screen. When focusing on things for long periods, this puts strain on the cornea and retina; every 20 minutes, take a 3-minute break and look out the window, which changes the focus process. Click here for everything you need to know about eye strain.

✔ Hereditary conditions – If eye conditions run in the family, this would increase the risk, although in many families, it skips a couple of generations, so you might be lucky. Talk to your parents and ask them about their parents in relation to eye health and that would help to eliminate the risk of a hereditary condition.

✔ Have regular optical tests – Once a year is fine and should you develop headaches, this could be due to a change in focus, whether long or short-sighted. If you find yourself having to increase the font size on Word documents in order to read the text, you might need reading glasses.

There are government resources regarding eye care and by bearing all of the above in mind, your eyes will remain healthy and you will enjoy a rich and fulfilling life.


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