4 Gender Neutral Athleisure Must-Haves for Comfort and Style


Although a fairly recent styling trend, athleisure aims to add comfort and funk to your everyday monotonous workwear. It is not surprising that more and more people, including some famous celebrities, are embracing the ‘athleisure’ way of dressing to go dancing, stretching or even running. Online websites today have dedicated athleisure sections for you to stop and shop. You can look at some leading brands like Adidas online to check out their collection for starters. After all, it is time for you to hit pause and inquire about the buzz and perhaps even rock a look soon!

4 Gender Neutral Athleisure Must-Haves for Comfort and Style

Listed below are four athleisure essentials to help you nail the look:

Jackets: Be it a zipper or a hoodie jacket, your athleisure look is incomplete without this one basic essential. It neatly covers up your sweat, warms your body and ensures you feel comfortable in your skin. Their multi-use is enough to explain the frenzy behind their fad, with a whole range of big and small brands producing stylish zippers jackets along with crop hoodies to render a mix of comfort and funk. You can join the wagon by pairing your workout wear with a lovely athleisure jacket and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Waist bags: Not all style alone, waist bags, also known as fannies or fanny bags, are handy to slide in those pods, your phone, home keys or cards. Carrying a waist bag allows you to focus on your workout routine without having to worry about the safety of your other essentials. Besides, they look incredibly sporty and fun too! Therefore, if you’re sceptical about making the buy, ask yourself what else is going to protect your stuff and yet make you look good while doing that!

Shoes: When you’re talking athleisure, you’re talking about functionality and a little more. Not ‘all style no stretch’ but just finding the right balance between the two. Therefore your shoes play such an integral part in your athleisure look. And to nail that, you’ve got to find the perfect pair donning a quirky print or vibrant colour use. You can check out the range of Adidas online sneakers and sports shoes to get some inspiration. Besides, you can even cut through the monotony of plain workout wear by moving around in comfortable and stylish shoes!

Caps: And finally, you just cannot underestimate the power of pairing your athleisure wear with a unisex cap! No matter your gender, age, hair length, or other physical attributes, you can be sure that your head and appearance are sorted with a cap. And the best part is, donning a cap leaves plenty of room for experimenting too! There is so much you can do with caps, colour block variants, monochrome ones, or even logo design or quirky printed ones. And this is why it should indeed find a spot on your athleisure shopping list.

Athleisure looks are a hit today and for all the right reasons. From walking your dog to watching a live match, this trend seems to have made life easier for a generation that is keeping pace with time. You can take a leaf from the list mentioned above and march onto putting together a look that is an extension of your personality!


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