What Kinds of Training Are Available for the Boeing 737 Max?


The Boeing 737 Max is widely used across the world and presents many opportunities for pilots to learn how to operate the plane. Training is available in several formats, depending on the individual’s prior experience and type of certification. Whether you’re a new pilot who needs to learn the fundamentals of operating a 737 Max or an experienced professional looking to stay current on the latest procedures and regulations, several modules can help you reach your goals. Some of the available Boeing 737 Max Courses from CPaT Global include:

Initial and Recurrent Course

The initial course covers all the necessary topics needed to become familiar with the operation of the 737 Max, including aircraft systems and performance. The recurrent course is designed for pilots who hold a valid certificate on the model. It also covers the most important changes to procedures and regulations, as well as any new information or updates. Thus, pilots can maintain their competency and stay up to date on the latest information. They need to understand what is always going on.

Differences Course

Since the 737 Max is an updated version of the 737, different training is required to help pilots understand the differences between the two aircraft. This course provides students with an overview of the variations between the two models, including specific aircraft systems and updated procedures. It’s usually a relatively short module that can be completed in a few days. These details can be tedious to keep up with but they are important. Understanding the differences within the training can save a lot of confusion in the future.

FMS Skills

This module focuses on the operation of the aircraft’s Flight Management System (FMS) and covers topics such as navigation, flight planning, autopilot functions, and other related concepts. The goal of the training is to ensure that pilots are proficient in the use of the FMS and understand how to use it to maximize the performance and safety of the aircraft. It can be supplemented with simulator training for a more comprehensive experience. Being hands-on with these types of pieces of training is beneficial as people can experience the operation. This will make it easier for them as they start to train with the real thing.

Interactive Aircraft Systems Diagrams

These classes provide an intuitive learning approach to 737 Max. This training includes diagrams of the model systems and their associated components, along with detailed explanations of how they interact. This is especially useful for new students who may not be familiar with certain systems. As it provides an in-depth visual view of the aircraft and how its elements function. Having these different types of training is a great way to give people different learning opportunities.

Cockpit Procedures

This course module covers the standard procedures for operating the aircraft. These courses include takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, landing, and go-around. Typically, the training includes simulator sessions to help pilots gain hands-on cockpit experience in operating the model. The hands-on experience takes away any tension during the learning process. They know what to expect and are prepared for possible surprises, thanks to the training.

Walk-Around Training

When pilots are expected to carry out walk-around inspections of the plane, they must be familiar with the model’s layout and features. This module expounds on all components of the aircraft. The module includes exterior systems and how they look. It also covers the inspection procedures that must be performed during the walk-around, helping students become more familiar with the 737 Max. Pilots need to understand what is going on with the plane. Students having this knowledge helps to avoid any confusion in the future.


The Boeing 737 Max is a highly advanced aircraft and requires a great deal of training for pilots to become proficient in its operation. Fortunately, the various course modules available provide pilots with all the necessary information to ensure a safe and efficient operation. With the right training, they can stay up to date on the latest procedures and regulations and maximize their performance in the aircraft. They will understand how the 737 Max works without any fear of confusion.


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