What Causes Stress and How Can We Handle It?


When too much pressure is put on a person, they become stressed. This pressure may come from others, or a person may put it on themselves. When stress remains unchecked, the person often finds they can’t function. What are some common sources of stress, and how can a person overcome them?

What Causes Stress and How Can We Handle It

Lack of Time

People often spend their days running. They go to work, take their kids to extracurricular activities, run errands, and do chores around the house. Poor time management and failing to prioritize serve as two reasons people find themselves stressed. Learning to manage time properly goes a long way in handling your stress. Know which tasks remain essential and which aren’t necessary. Always do the unpleasant things before the pleasant ones, and more will get done each day.

Living an Unhealthy Lifestyle

When life is busy, falling into unhealthy habits is something many people do. They may eat fast food frequently or pick up cigarettes to help them cope with their stress. These habits make it harder to deal with stress and may actually contribute to the stress they are feeling. Eat healthy foods and make time to exercise regularly. Furthermore, ensure you get ample sleep. Doing so helps to keep your stress levels under control.

Overextending Yourself

It’s hard to say no to people when they ask you to do something. Nevertheless, it’s important to do so. Taking on too much will stress you out and leave you unable to do the things you have committed to. When someone asks you to take on a task, be honest with them. Tell them you don’t have the time or energy to do the job properly. If you are struggling with tasks you have already taken on, ask others for help.

Keep a Sense of Humor

Find humor in difficult situations. Doing so makes it easier to handle challenges in life and keeps stress at bay. People who can relax and not be so serious think clearly. In addition, researchers have found that laughing helps to lower blood pressure and stress hormones in the body. Spend time with loved ones doing things you enjoy and that you find humorous and your stress levels will drop.

Lack of Control

Some people find they like being in control of all aspects of their lives. They become stressed when they cannot do so. These individuals must learn to accept things they have no control over, such as the behavior of another person. Talking with someone can help to reduce the stress, and this person may make suggestions on how to deal with the situation so it causes less stress.

Life Changes

Certain life events bring stress with them. Even those things a person might expect would make them happy, such as having a child, come with stress. When a person sees a change as positive, the accompanying stress is less like to have an effect. Look forward to these changes and you will find you handle them better. People need to look for the positive in every situation, even when it is a sad event in their life.

Stress comes from different things. However, with the right tools, a person can manage stress and lead a happier and healthier life. In fact, they may avoid it completely. Try these techniques to see if they are able to help you bring your stress under control.


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