Virtual Classrooms: How to Increase Learning Productivity


Virtual classes have become the thing of the year. Who would have known that we can study just as much without any need to leave our homes? Well, we all do know that now. However, not everyone has yet successfully transitioned to the modern era of online learning. Some people still struggle to keep their focus and efficiency during this difficult time. That’s okay. There is nothing that a few Internet tips can’t fix. Overall, as a student, you just need to find your way of transitioning into this new format. These few tips will show you where to start. Here is how you can increase your learning productivity with virtual classrooms.

Virtual Classrooms: How to Increase Learning Productivity

Create a working space

First and foremost, you need a proper environment to work and study. Many people make the mistake of listening to their classes while being in bed or lying on a sofa in the living room. No. This is not the right way to go. You should create a very specific working space where you can study. Having a restricted area for the study will help you gain better focus. It will set you in the right mood right away, so you won’t struggle with getting ‘in the zone’ for the first part of your classes.

Also, a working space will have everything you may need during your studies. So, it is also a place where you store all your notes, stack your textbooks, keep your pens and papers, and so on. Thus, you won’t fall into chaotic mode every time you need to urgently find something. It’s already there in your working space.

Avoid distractions

You can have a productive studying experience if you are getting distracted every five minutes. Thus, you need to work on eliminating all types of distractions while you are studying. Of course, it is easier said than done. We all have some temptation that is hard to avoid. Our smartphones, before everything else, are huge sources of distractions. Thus, they have to go first. You can get rid of your phone altogether while in the working space.

Leave your smartphone in another room and forget about it for a time being. If only a thought of this makes you anxious, you are in trouble. Yet, there are less radical ways to do it. Use blocking apps to shut down all the distracting applications and websites. Set a timer for the duration of your studying. Thus, you will not have any notifications or even access to your biggest distractions.

Next, think of other distractions you may have around you. Perhaps, you just can’t refuse your cat with tummy scratches or playing ball with your dog. In this case, try to stay in a different room when studying. Your pets will survive a few hours alone.

Eat healthy snacks

The bonus of virtual learning is that you can always eat whatever you want. So do use this opportunity to keep a bowl with a healthy snack next to you. Hunger is the greatest demotivatorwhen it comes to studying. So snacking can actually increase your productivity and attention during the lessons. However, don’t just snack on anything. Choose healthy snacks that can increase your brain work. Yes, there are some foods that can help you think faster. Those are products like nuts, bananas, caffeinated items like dark chocolate, spinach, and more.

All those things are easy to put in a ziplock bag or a small plate and store in the corner of your desk. Whenever you notice that you start thinking with your stomach, grab a handful and snack on! Also, don’t forget to drink enough water during the day. Staying hydrated will significantly help you stay focused, energized, and in a good mood. Dehydration, in its turn, leads to headaches, moodiness, and irritation. Those feelings won’t help you study at your best.

Have a treat

Don’t forget to reward yourself after a hard day of studying. One good academic source said that it’s important to treat yourself with kindness. Thus, you don’t just need to push yourself to your limits with every activity you do. You also need to learn how to reward yourself and take a break when it’s needed. So, when you feel like you deserved it, do treat yourself with some positive experiences, whether it’s a date with your partner, a great meal, or a lazy evening at home and binge-watching your favorite show.

Rewards are as crucial as hard work when it comes to your productivity. Maybe even try contacting every once in a while to give yourself a bit more time to rest. Also, keep in mind that having enough rest during the day and good sleep at night will only help you become a better student. Healthy habits and enough self-care time will prevent any burnouts and increase your productivity during studying.


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