Unable to Lose Weight and Wondering Why?


Your DNA is what defines you, it determines the colour of your hair, the shape of your face as well as everything else that is part of your body. It will determine whether or not you will be suitable for particular sports or purposes, your DNA is what makes you unique, so why would a one size fit all approach work if you are attempting to lose weight? Let’s take a look at how important DNA is as a factor when it comes to dieting, losing weight and ultimately, a person’s mental health and state of mind.

Unable to Lose Weight and Wondering Why

DNA and obesity

Several sources suggest that mental health is actually more likely to play a part in obesity than your actual DNA or genes, based upon people’s lifestyles. In most cases, when people were examined, there didn’t appear to be anything within their DNA that would prevent them from losing weight.

Some overweight people even had better chances than your average person, but there were other, ‘external’ influences that held them back. The trouble with something like mental health is that the sufferer isn’t always aware that there is an issue, in such cases it is advisable to review the following and how they fit in with your lifestyle;

Underlying health conditions – Although you’ve probably looked into this before you can get a health check done or do a myDNA weight loss DNA test to see how likely it is that your own DNA is holding you back from losing weight.

Technology – However great it is, tech also promotes a lazy lifestyle. You will be more likely to be sitting down or, laying down when you are at home because you’ll probably be using some kind of device to check in with people, or to see how many ‘likes’ your latest post has received which means that you don’t have to be stood up or, doing anything for that matter.

Your diet – You have to be brutally honest with this one, a lot of people will try to kid themselves or hide the fact that they’ve eaten more than they do when it comes to unhealthy foods. The trouble is, you’re only kidding yourself and affecting your own mental state.

Mental health – There are more people than ever before that suffer with things like depression, which can seriously affect one’s ability to operate properly, it can either make you more, or less hungry and can even affect your metabolism.

Are you on any medication?

Numerous tablets and other forms of medication can affect weight loss and weight gain, if you are on medication to try and help with other conditions that relate to your obesity, speak with your doctor to make sure that they aren’t actually stopping you from losing weight, if you are trying to diet.

Probably around about a 50/50

Based on research of professional doctors and psychiatrists which takes into consideration that some external influences are unavoidable, the balance between how influential lifestyle and or DNA takes a shift more towards a 50/50 outcome and, that’s assuming you are doing all you can to ensure that you are making the best possible lifestyle choices.

The extent to which genes affect weight loss is a complicated subject to cover, but in general, a person’s weight is determined in part by both their genes and their environment — and the one with greater influence depends on the person. But no matter your genetic risk of obesity, you can overcome this risk


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