Top Things Developers Should Have in 2021


Developers are people who have an enormous amount of knowledge from many different fields. They are credited for building websites, applications, and different software. All that work would be impossible to imagine without a lot of tools which they use every day. Those tools provide different features that allow developers to execute their tasks and make them easier.

Top Things Developers Should Have in 2021

The number of available tools increases every day. That can be an aggravating circumstance when deciding on some of the most important tools. If you are a beginner, that can be even more confusing.

To make your decision easier, we singled out some of the must-have developer tools. Read the following and find the six most important tools that all developers should use in 2021.


For most developers working in a team, collaboration is one of the most important things. GitHub is an open-source control system that allows developers to track changes in their projects.

Collaborative coding can be faster and easier if you use this free service. It is one of the most commonly used among developers because you can manage everything for your project in one place. Also, you can include some other tools that you are using on your project, such as Asana, CodeCov, etc.

Good organization is half of the job. With GitHub, you can arrange your tasks in a board or table form so that all team members have insight into issues, pull requests, and other project changes.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with this service because GitHub education helps students, teachers, and others who want to develop and use it.

WP Reset

If your website needs cleaning, resetting, and restoring, then this tool is right for you. WP Reset is a plugin for WordPress sites that provides a lot of features for faster and better work in the WordPress environment.

Also, you don’t have to install plugins one by one. This plugin allows for creating a collection of your favorite plugins and themes so you can install them with just one click. The Cleaning Tool feature helps you with cleaning your site from content, widgets, and themes and saves your time.

One of the powerful features of this plugin is Emergency Recovery Script. If you are unable to log in to your website, or you can’t open your admin panel, then you are in the right place. With this single WordPress independent PHP script, you can recover your WordPress site in some challenging situations.

So, if you get the white screen of death, don’t panic; take it easy because the solution is here.


Here is one collaborative tool for developers. Postman is an API development tool that helps developers to create and test document APIs. The platform provides some features that make it easier for developers to work. Some of those features are an API client, Automated Testing, Desing and Mock, Documentation, etc.

Through the API client, you can send a lot of requests and see responses. Your API data looks better when displayed in charts. You can build it with HTML and CSS and share it with your team.

With Automated Testing, you can test your APIs quickly and easily. This testing covers many cases such as functional tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests, etc.

There is no need to finish your API to see what it would look like. With the Design and Mock API feature, you can see how your API will run. Increase your productivity and design and develop your APIs with this great tool.

Chrome Dev Tools

If you want to make some changes to your website, you can do it through this tool. Chrome Dev Tools are tools build in Chrome and allow you to change color, font, size, and other CSS selectors. Besides CSS, you can inspect DOM too.

You can open it with a right-click and select the Inspect option. Or open the right-top corner menu and select the developer’s tool. In both ways, you will get the same thing.

Changes made won’t be saved when you refresh the page. But, this is a good way to try and test some options before you embed them into your code. When you find what fits best, you can copy that code and paste it into your code editor.

Also, you can discover different errors in your code and get deeper access to your website.


Communicate with your team faster and better using this tool. Be in contact with your team and make your work easier and more interesting. When you work with Slack, you work with channels. The channels are places where you can organize your work. If you have five projects, for example, you will have five channels too. Also, you can sort your channels according to your topics or team members. If you don’t like typing and writing long messages, you can send a voice message too.

If you have insight into all processes of your project and if you can find answers quickly, surely your productivity will increase.

Do you work with engineering, IT, customer service, or some other branch? It’s doesn’t matter because Slack offers solutions for each of them.

So, if you need a tool for great communication across all your devices and want to save your time, install the app or connect your account.

Visual Studio Code

Last but not least, a thing that developers should have is Visual Studio Code. This code editor is one of the most famous and favorite among developers around the world. Writing code is a process of creating an instruction that tells a computer what to do. Code editors are tools where developers write their code. Besides that, they can help you a lot and make you code faster.

Visual Studio Code provides many extensions that you can install and get additional features. For example, the Live Server extension allows you to see all changes in the browser without refreshing. It saves your time. It supports a large number of keyword shortcuts that make your coding easier and faster.

VS Code works with Git and other SCM providers, so you can make commits from your editor.

Run your code with VS Code and enjoy the black background and perfect working environment that can make your coding a more enjoyable experience.


In this article, we have singled out six popular and useful developer tools in 2021. All of them provide a lot of features for improving work on different projects.

Organization, productivity, team collaboration, and other similar characteristics are an integral part of every modern project. We should not forget that time is most important perhaps. Luckily, all the mentioned tools from this article cover that and help developers around the world.


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