Top 10 Ways to Strengthen your Cybersecurity Strategy in 2021


As technology continues to change, so do the cyber threats that are being thrown at organizations. With a rise in digital transformation and cloud computing, Cybersecurity is becoming more and more critical for protecting businesses from attacks and data breaches. Although keeping up with today’s ever-evolving threats can be difficult, staying fully protected requires organizations to adapt their current cybersecurity strategy constantly. That’s why we have provided 10 ways for your organization to strengthen its cyber security strategy in 2021:

Top 10 ways to strengthen your Cybersecurity Strategy in 2021

1. Automated Attack Prevention – The Best Solution to Combat Today’s Evolving Threats

Attack prevention should largely be automated by removing the human error aspect of security measures. This prevents unnecessary damage while also providing better protection against potential game-changing threats. In the case of ransomware attacks, automation will allow for quick recovery while minimizing damage and decreasing response time by taking out the human element that is typically involved with these types of attacks.

2. Automated Detection – Close That Gap with Advanced Security Tools

Although it’s important to prevent cyber threats from occurring, detecting them early on is critical to an organization becoming more proactive in its approach to security. By having automated tools in place to detect cybersecurity risks and measure their impact, companies can become more agile and efficient in handling these issues before they affect company operations or customer trust. Use services from for best results.

3. Behavioural Analytics – Analyze And Understand User Behavior to Detect Threats Faster

With a better understanding of how users interact with data and where they are accessing it, companies can better determine what risks are involved with allowing that access. By using behavioral analytics to monitor for deviations and changes in user behavior, organizations can be proactive when it comes to limiting the exposure of sensitive data.

4. Data Security Platform – A Multi-Layered Approach to Keeping Your Business Safe

A data security platform can provide your company with the needed coverage for both on-premise and cloud storage by providing multiple protection layers to keep your business safe. This platform should include machine learning capabilities that can detect threats faster, automate incident response, provide tamper-proofing technology and give you more visibility into what is happening across different parts of your network. Having the ability to see all of this information in one place will help you quickly determine where risks exist, mitigate those risks, and make IT managers aware that a threat has occurred within their network as well.

5. Multi-Layered Authentication – No One Access Point Is 100% Safe

With the rise of mobile computing, employees are often using their own devices to access company data. One way to combat this risk is by enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) on all accounts that have access to sensitive information. This requires a secondary credential such as a one-time use code or biometric scan when users log in, which can help protect your network from cyberattacks and significantly reduce internal threats.

6. Data Loss Prevention – Know Where Sensitive Information Is At All Times

Data loss prevention tools provide organizations with the visibility to see where sensitive information is going and who is accessing it through an extensive web content filtering system. This type of proactive approach means you will be able to identify risks before they occur and quickly determine which employees have access to certain information. You will also monitor file traffic and make sure the right people are accessing the right files. This is a critical tool for all companies regardless of their industry or size when it comes to strengthening your cybersecurity strategy.

7. Encryption – A Must-Have for All Mission Critical Data

Encryption has always been one of the most important tools for protecting data from cybercriminals and government agencies that may try to get their hands on sensitive information. Having an encryption solution in place is fundamental for keeping any business safe and ensuring that no matter where company data resides, users can be confident that transactions occurring within those databases stay secure at all times.

8. Real-Time Threat Detection – Integrated Systems That Monitor Your Entire Network

Having a strong cybersecurity strategy means that you need to have an effective way of knowing if cybercriminals are attempting to access your network and look for vulnerabilities within your systems so that you can quickly mitigate those risks. Many companies choose to invest in an automated threat detection system that will monitor the entire network and alert you of any potential security threats taking place. This type of real-time monitoring is critical when it comes to the overall protection of your business.

9. Penetration Testing – An Indispensable Way to Identify Vulnerabilities before Cybercriminals Do

Hackers have access to a great deal of information on the latest vulnerabilities that could affect companies, which means you need to do everything you can to stay ahead of them through penetration testing. This type of proactive approach involves having an outside party attempt to identify vulnerabilities within a system before they occur so companies can take action and strengthen their cybersecurity strategy. This is one of the best ways to ensure systems are constantly monitored for threats.

10. Privacy Protection – The Best Way to Keep Customers Happy and Data Safe

At the end of the day, you need customers if you want your company to survive over the long term. When it comes to protecting customer information, you can do some things when designing your company’s Cybersecurity Strategy. Being transparent with customers about how their data is being protected will go a long way in gaining their trust and ensuring they are more likely to use your products and services moving forward.

The cybersecurity landscape has changed significantly over the past few years. More people are choosing cybersecurity career paths. It is important to stay up-to-date on all of these changes and take every precaution possible to avoid a major data breach or loss of personal information that could cost you your company’s reputation. We have outlined ten ways for you to strengthen your cyber security strategy this year, as well as some recommended reading material.

If you want more information about what steps are necessary for protecting yourself against hackers. If one thing should be clear from our post today, it would be that there will always be threats out there trying to get into your system, so make sure you are prepared by following these tips! Don’t wait until something happens – protect yourself now!


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