How to Make Money From PTC Sites in 2022


Nowadays, it has become essential to do something and become financially independent. Even stay-at-home parents, teenagers, and old age people are now working to make themselves economically strong. Thus, breaking the stereotype. So what do they do? They sit at their homes and earn from PTC sites, using their time and energy and simultaneously earning a good amount of money.

How to Make Money From PTC Sites in 2022

What Are PTC Sites?

PTC sites refer to paid-to-click online business sites that help people earn handsome money from home. To learn more, you can try this out. It is basically an advertisement site where an advertiser gives money to display his ads on PTC websites, and the viewer receives payment for watching the ads.

Different Ways of Earning Through PTC sites

1. By Taking Surveys

Various sites provide options for taking surveys. The surveys are set up so that anyone can fill them up. All you have to do is complete the surveys and earn the coins.

2. Playing Online Games

One of the exciting ways to earn money is by playing online games. Yes, you can make money just by playing games. Play the games you like and get your money.

3. Watching Videos

Some of the pay to click sites allow earning money by playing videos. All you have to do is watch the videos and get paid. It’s that simple.

4. Referrals

It is a kind of marketing, i.e., all you have to do is refer your friends and followers on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

5. Complete Tasks

Some sites provide many tasks, and you have to finish the tasks accordingly and get the money.

6. Offer Panels

To get paid, one has to download the apps and do the login, referral, and such activities.

7. Register Works

All you have to do is register on the said platform on some sites. It can be a website, app, or any other field. Just register and get the money.

Some of The Best Highest Paying PTC Sites in 2021

1. Offer Nation

This site provides multiple streams of work. Choose which suits you the best and start your earnings. In Offer nation, you can redeem your points into cash, gifts, bitcoins, etc.

2. InboxPounds

All you have to do on this site is login, become a member and complete the task offered. You can play games, watch videos, take surveys and do all these kinds of exciting things here.

3. Paidverts

Linstow LP owns this website. Its primary task is earning through ads, but you can also go for other options. You can only get paid when you complete 100 BAP ads.

4. Get Paid

This site provides you with various payment options. It has a simple navigation system. Watch the full ad, as you might lose the points if half watched and closed.

5. Prizerebel

It is one of the trusted sites. You can earn by doing simple tasks. You can get your points as gift cards or money.

Advantages of PTC Sites

  • The most significant advantage of these sites is that you can start your earnings with no investments, while many other online jobs ask for investment; PTC sites are just free of cost.
  • One can start earning anytime and from anywhere. You do not have to wait for anyone to understand your work; it requires no training.
  • PTC sites require very little time, i.e., it is not time-consuming. Some works of PTC sites need a minute to complete tasks.
  • All you need is a good internet network connection, a mobile phone or laptop, and a bank account.
  • Interested people do not have to be technical experts as anyone can do it.
  • No minimum qualification is required. Unlike other jobs, earning through PTC sites does not make a barrier for you because of your academic qualification.
  • It is the best platform to earn as a side income. While doing your 9 to 5 job, you can still make some side incomes from these sites.


1. Are PTC sites legit?

Yes, PTC sites are legit. All you have to do is research the site you will use well.

2. How to receive payments?

It varies from site to site. Some places use PayPal to make payments, while some prefer others. Read the terms and conditions of the payments before you work.

3. Do we need a minimum qualification?

There is no minimum academic qualification required to join the PTC area. The person must be interested and should have a mobile.

4. How much can a person earn through PTC sites?

It requires a lot of time for beginners to earn a good amount of money. But with consistency and patience, you can get nearly $5 per month.

5. How much time do we have to invest?

There is no minimum required time. You can do it according to your suitable time and pace.


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