Tips on Selecting the Best Dab Rig


Go dabs, go high. That should be the mantra for smokers if it isn’t already. Dabbing is the way to get close and personal to cannabis, almost letting you embark on a trip to another dimension. But before that, you must first obtain a nice dab rig, tools that make this pleasure-seeking possible. The entire process is different from just lighting a cigarette, cigar, or pipe since it is a specialized type of smoking. Despite that, it is good to know what kind of things you need to enjoy this form of smoke. During your search for the best rig, you might find that the Atomic Blaze dab rig bundle kit will cover all your dabbing needs. What are those?

Tips on Selecting the Best Dab Rig

How to choose the proper rig?

Having the right size is essential

Always go with a dab piece with a suitable size. Some people prefer one bigger because it helps to distribute a single dab into several puffs. Others like smaller rigs that do not require you to inhale a big whiff. If you plan on using a nail along with the rig, select a bulkier one, so the container does not fall from the weight. Ultimately, choose one that you find comfortable. You will come across rigs available in all shapes and sizes.

Go with a strong nail

The entire dabbing experience is incomplete without a nail. It is a dish that slides into the rig’s tube and into which the concentrate is dropped, heated, and vaporized. You will be putting the nail to use a lot of times. Since it will be heated and reheated repeatedly, select a titanium nail since it will heat faster and last a long time. According to experienced smokers, the best one is a medical grade 2 titanium. In contrast, glass ones have a higher chance of breaking at temperatures needed for dabbing and will be replaced frequently. If you plan on using a quartz nail, use a carb cap alongside it since it loses heat quickly.

Invest in a high-quality torch

In smoking terms, a dab torch is a tool that works on butane or propane. It creates an intense flame that you can use to heat a dab nail. It is usually believed that the torch should be able to heat the nail fast. However, others disagree and claim that it only needs a temperature between 350 and 450 degrees in several cases. There is also a debate between the use of butane versus propane. Some say that butane has a higher quality of gas and does not affect the aroma and taste of the product. Propane, on the other hand, gets too hot and can be dangerous.

Select an effective dab tool

A dab tool is used in the dabbing process to scoop any cannabis concentrate from the container and place it on the nail. It is much easier and safer compared to other tools and certainly safer than using your fingers. There are flat, glass, and scoop-style dabbers, all serving the same purpose with some differences. They are made from heat-resistant materials like quartz, ceramic, stainless steel, glass, and titanium.

Carb cap

You can dab without a carb cap, but using it will help you regulate the airflow and reduce the temperature of the dabs. Dabbing at a low temperature is excellent because it lets you preserve the terpenes and oil that provide the flavor, whereas a high temperature will do the opposite. Like in nails, go for caps made from titanium, ceramic, quartz, or glass.

If you were wondering whether you can get all these tools as part of a kit, the answer is yes. Atomic Blaze dab rig bundle kit will cover all your dabbing needs and ensure that you have the best smoking experience.


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