Gaming Chairs: Why Would You Need One and What is the Best Option?


Gaming chairs are a fairly new category of furniture, which is why the term itself, can feel somewhat misleading. After all, what exactly separates a gaming chair from an ordinary chair? That is in fact, the best point to get started with.

Gaming Chairs - Why Would You Need One and What is the Best Option

What is a Gaming Chair?

Any chair that you use regularly while gaming can technically be called your own gaming chair, but there’s a lot more to it than that! In order for a chair to properly qualify as a gaming chair, it must be:

  • Comfortable for you to sit in for long periods of time, above all else.
  • Ergonomically designed with lumbar and neck support, so that long gaming sessions do not become a cause for back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain.
  • Able to provide wrists, elbows, and shoulders of the gamer unrestricted movement space.
  • Adjustable enough to let the user change the chair’s height, tilt, and handrail positions as necessary.

In simpler words, a proper gaming chair can be any seating arrangement that’s comfortable, supportive, and ergonomically beneficial. It’s a chair where we can sit for extended periods of time, with minimal chances of developing back pain, neck pain, or any other health issues that may arise from gaming on a regular chair.

Which is the Best Type of Gaming Chair?

There are several variables here, such as the setup of one’s gaming system, their own height and weight, the room’s architecture and décor, adjustability, ergonomics, pre-existing joint pains, etc. Therefore, the best gaming chair according to one gamer may not be the best option for another. Nevertheless, some sitting arrangements are just naturally more suited to gaming than others, so high-quality beanbags win this round!

Why the Beanbag Wins

A big suede bean bag chair is just about as luxurious and comfortable as it can get for anyone, and not just gamers. More importantly, the good ones can provide better pressure relief and back support to gamers than any other seat, irrespective of whether the furniture has a “gaming” tag on it.

Although bean bags do not generally have a rigid frame in their design, the lumbar support that these can provide is excellent. For example, this big and fluffy, micro suede beanbag chair from Sumo is not just comfortable, but the foam inside it will adjust with your body’s exact contours. This naturally relieves pressure and provides a personalized, posterior support that we all need to sit comfortably for hours.

Bean bags also do not restrict arm/hand/wrist/elbow movement, allowing for a more satisfying gaming experience each time. Instead of buying a gaming beanbag, just get the biggest one you can afford and accommodate. They are essentially the same, but bigger really is better when it comes to bean bags at least!

What about the Dedicated “Gaming” Chairs?

Most gaming chairs that are marketed as such are just office chairs at worst and recliners at best, albeit with some added gimmicks. If that is indeed what you are looking for, the latest models in the Secret lab Titan Evo series and the OFM Essentials series are worth a look.

A primary issue with gaming chairs is that they have a rigid frame. It means that unless your height, weight, and dimensions are within the ideal brackets mentioned by the manufacturer, even the most expensive gaming chair in the world can’t make you feel comfortable (or safe!) for long stretches of times.


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