Tips on Evaluating the Quality of Paper Products


While businesses of all sizes are keeping their business records in digital format, they continue to use paper extensively for multiple applications. Printouts of various records and letters are required for discussion, legal purposes, and other reasons. Often photocopies are required for distribution to various employees, vendors, and customers. Additionally, companies are printing their marketing brochures and other promotional material on different grades of paper. Small businesses may keep their financial records using books so that they remain confidential. One of the considerations while choosing the paper or stationery supplier is the quality of the paper. Some factors while evaluating Asia pulp & paper quality products are discussed.


The cost and quality of paper depend to a large extent on the thickness of the paper, which is defined in terms of grams per square meter or GSM. Cheaper paper like newsprint used for newspapers and cheap magazines is usually thinner, with a GSM of forty-five. The A4 paper used for printing and photocopying in offices usually has a GSM of approximately 70-75. Usually higher the GSM of the paper the better the quality of the paper. However, the price of the paper is usually higher for higher GSM. It is advisable to compare the GSM of the paper before choosing a particular supplier


Often paper is used for printing legal and other documents which may be required decades later. Hence it is important to check the durability of the paper before using it for documentation purposes. The paper should be strong enough so that it does not tear easily. It should also not degrade quickly when exposed to sunlight or high humidity conditions. Additionally, some grades of paper are not easily damaged by insects and these papers will cost more. Usually, glossy paper is coated, so it is more durable compared to uncoated paper.


The quality of the paper also depends on the raw material which is used for making the paper. Often paper is recycled and used for making paper products. The paper is often rough so it may not be suitable for writing and printing, though it is inexpensive. In contrast, for printing and writing applications, high-quality raw material is used so that the paper is smooth and white in color. Though cheaper paper is white in color initially, it will often become yellow after some time. In contrast, the best quality paper will retain its white color, even after decades or if it has been exposed to sunlight.

Quality checking

For bulk paper purchases it is also advisable to check whether the paper has been checked for quality. Usually, the paper mills are manufacturing paper according to certain quality standards or specifications. They should have systems in place to check the quality of the paper which is manufactured to ensure that it is of uniform quality. In case the paper does not conform to the quality standards, especially packaging paper, it should be possible for the buyer to get a replacement for the paper which is of poor quality.


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