The Main Moments When Moving from a Big City to the Suburbs


Any move is challenging, but a move in which the area feels and operates differently can be particularly harsh. We’re talking about moving from a big city to the suburbs. City life is exciting, noisy, and busy. Suburban life is more laid back, quiet, and relaxed. There are a few major moments in your transition from city to suburban life that can make or break your experience. Safebound Moving & Storage sheds some light on some of those moments in this article.

The Main Moments When Moving from a Big City to the Suburbs

Research Before You Move

Planning ahead and researching are always the keys to a successful move. If you don’t plan at all, you plan to fail. That’s a good mantra to remember in all aspects of life, but especially for big events like moving.

The research and planning phases of your move should take the most time and effort. You want to be confident in your decision before you start making any real moves. There are a few major points to consider and research before you make the final decision to move somewhere.

First, how far away do you want to be from a city? Do you want to go as off the grid as possible, or are you just looking to get outside of the big city limits? How long are you willing to commute on a daily basis?

Second, are you buying or renting? The idea of owning your own property in suburbia might sound appealing to some. But for many, purchasing a home is too far out of reach. Renting might seem like the obvious choice to some, whereas buying is the only logical choice for others. Figure out where you lie on that scale. What does your financial situation look like, and what are your long-term goals?

Third, why are you moving? This is a deep question that you should spend plenty of time pondering and discussing with trusted friends. Are you moving because your job allows you to work in a fully remote or hybrid setting? Are you sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? What’s driving your decision to move. Then, consider if it’s in your best interests and in your family’s best interest.

Planning the Move

After you’ve squared away all of those questions and considerations about why you’re moving and what you want your new life to look like, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll get there. Planning is the biggest indicator of whether your move will go smoothly or if your move will be incredibly stressful. The more you plan, the easier your move will be. The more things you do last minute, the more hectic everything becomes. A hectic move is rarely a good move. You’ll want to get in touch with local moving companies or long-distance moving companies several weeks in advance to book your move.

Getting Used to Quiet

The city is a loud place to live. Traffic and pedestrians clog the city on their morning and afternoon commutes. Even at night, people always have places to be. There’s a reason New York City is nicknamed “The City That Never Sleeps.” Lots of people are always up to something!

The suburbs are very different. Not only do you have more space, but you don’t live right next to busy roads. You’ll very rarely see a crowd of people walking through a suburban community. If they are, it’s probably a local charity walk/run! The only “busy” times in a suburb are in the mornings when parents are getting their children to school. That only lasts about an hour early in the morning.

And at night, things are quiet. This quiet might be a little unsettling if you’ve lived in a big city your whole life. Suddenly things are still, there isn’t any chatter, and nobody is racing around. For most, it’s incredibly peaceful. For others, it can rouse some feelings of paranoia.

New Commute

Cities typically have many methods of public transport available. The suburbs are very different. If you aren’t used to driving every day, you will be soon enough. Or you can get used to taking Ubers everywhere. Living in the suburbs means living away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you want to get back into that hustle and bustle, you’ll have to make the trip for it! This new commute means you’ll have to take into consideration things like gas prices and general car maintenance.

City Living to the Suburbs

Moving from the city to the suburbs is jarring for many but typically rewarding after some time. There will be some adjustments, but the level of peace and quiet is unmatched when compared to a big city. If you’re considering a move to the suburbs, start planning!


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