Stay Safe While Riding your Electric Cycle


Electric cycles are gaining immense popularity in Kolkata. Majority of the city’s population, especially the youth are taking up cycling due to this massive boom. For this reason, the price of electric cycles in Kolkata have risen drastically in the past few years. And not just the price of e-cycles, but also the price of the cycle’s battery has shot up. Nevertheless, the residents of Kolkata continue to relish rides on the popular electric vehicle.

Stay Safe While Riding your Electric Cycle

Being an avid cyclist, you know that a commute on your electric cycle is simply amazing! You can move faster, go further, carry more and sweat much less. On an electric cycle you are acquiring sufficient exercise. In addition to that, you are burning numerous calories and maintaining the health of your heart. And the icing on the cake is that you are not straining your muscles. That’s simply because you are getting some assistance for the effort you are putting in. But if you are a cycle enthusiast and desire to follow the new trend and buy an e-cycle in Kolkata, you need to keep a few things in mind.

As you might be aware that a lot of road accidents take place in Kolkata every year. So being an avid electric cyclist in Kolkata, I thought of taking the initiative to share some useful tips for your safety. Moreover, I would like to share some more ideas on keeping your electric cycle out of harm’s way. So, let’s get started!

1) Have a slow start

Although it may seem like an exhilarating idea to reach the fastest speed on your e-cycle. However, I strongly suggest that you take a more relaxed approach for your first few rides. You can try riding across a large open space or a vacant parking lot as you become familiar with the new e-cycle.

2) Learn to break earlier

Electric cycles have a lot more power, generate a lot more speed and are built with a heavier frame. This suggests that you should start to slow down earlier on your e-cycle that you would on a normal e-cycle. The reason being that your stopping distance will be greater than usual.

3) You need to brake slowly and evenly

Majority of the electric cycles in Kolkata are accompanied by disc brakes. Which means that braking is better in every condition. When you are getting accustomed to riding your electric cycle and brakes, make sure to brake slowly with a light, even pull of both brake levers. Be warned! Don’t try to apply the front brake lever.

4) Ride with utmost care

Electric cycles are still new members of the electric vehicle market. So, when your friends notice you, they may not expect you to ride as speedily as your e-cycle allows. And that’s simply because an electric cycle looks very similar to the regular cycle. So, there is always some additional risk to your ride. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious while paying greater attention to your surroundings while riding.

5) Strictly follow the rules of the street

Your electric cycle brings a whole new level of freedom and enjoyment. However, you are still accountable for knowing and following all the rules of the paths and trails in your area. Irrespective of where and when you ride. Pedestrians, car drivers and other cyclists don’t necessarily look for e-cycle riders.

So, there are numerous ways in which you can catch people’s eyes:

  • Always keep your lights turned on during the day and night
  • Put on hi-vis clothing
  • Wear reflective clothing
  • Get a bell on your e-cycle and use it when needed

6) Be cautious while mounting and dismounting your e-cycle

Due to the additional weight of the electric cycle, it’s crucial that you mount and dismount your e-cycle carefully. So that you don’t trip and fall and get injured. While buying your favourite electric cycle, make sure to try various frames so that you can easily get on and get off the e-cycle easily.

7) Add a mirror to your electric cycle

Using a mirror along with turning your head is another way to stay safe. This may help you greatly you in making adjustments based on seeing how fast and close other vehicles are arriving from behind you.

8) Read the e-cycle manual carefully

Its always recommended that you get acquainted with your brand-new electric cycle first by going through the manual. Learning how your electric cycle operates and understanding the extent of its power will help you in becoming a more informed rider.

Making the most of your e-bike

So, you have familiarised yourself with your brand-new e-cycleand paid attention to the safety tips I have mentioned above. But tell me how would you prevent unwanted wear and tear on your beloved new electric cycle? Well, the last thing you’d wish to do is overuse or overcharge the battery. And in turn, cost yourself a hefty repair or perhaps a replacement work. And that’s simply because the price of an electric cycle’s battery is sky-rocketing!

Now that sounds heavy on the pocket!

Of course, you wish to go as far as you can on your electric cycle between each charge. However, the amount of range your e-cycle possesses depends purely on the battery and motor. Uncontrollable factors like weather, temperature as well as type of terrain play a massive role too. Don’t worry! As I have presented you with a few actions you can take to optimise your commute. If you follow these things diligently, it will maximise your riding range and take care of your battery.

1. Take a comfortable position on your e-cycle

The slower your feet rotate, the faster your motor works. Therefore, you should shift around to form a balance that prevents you or the motor from overworking.

2. Reduce the load on your electric cycle

Electric cycles provide you with the luxury of carrying more load. But the disadvantage is that the more load you carry, the harder the motor works. So its recommended that you be mindful of the amount of load you carry.

3. Utilize a lower level of assist

If the level of power used is high, the range gets low. So what you can do is toggle between the various levels of assist by using a higher level when heading up a hill. Then you can switch to a lower one when you are on a flat stretch.

In case of an e-cycle it is advisable that you ensure that your battery is charged before starting your trip. Although you can still ride your e-cycle without the battery, you will get exhausted by using your own pedal power. In any case, its better to carry your charger with you on a long trip.

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Securing your e-cycle properly

Now its great that you can park your electric cycle nearly anywhere that you can park a normal bicycle. You’d obviously want to park it in a safe and secured area. So these are some of the things I’d suggest you consider any time you are taking your e-cycle out.

1. A good quality lock should be used

Suppose your electric cycle comes with a lock, you need to consider buying another to help secure your e-cycle. Make sure that the lock is of top-notch quality that’s tough for any thief to break. Its better to lock your electric cycle to a fixed object. In addition to that, you should lock the wheels as well as any other components like your saddle for instance with a cable lock.

2. Check the area where you are parking thoroughly

Even if a bicycle or any other cycle is properly secured, it may still be a target. So, it’s better that you park your electric cycle in a well-lit area where other cycles or bikes are parked. I recommend that you plan out your parking way before to avoid any stressful situation from occurring.

3. Keep your electric cycle’s battery with you

Since an e-cycle’s battery is easily removable, I suggest you take it with you. Better be safe now than carrying any regrets later. Finally, if you possess a rack for your electric cycle in your car, check how the rack fixes to the vehicle’s hitch. Be warned! You wouldn’t wish to go through the effort of locking your cycle to the rack only to discover that your e-cycle and rack are stolen!

Being an enthusiastic cyclist for the past five years, I can say that if you are eagerly looking to buy an electric cycle in Kolkata. Then please understand and follow the above points diligently. Trust me, if you take the actions mentioned above, you will not only keep your e-cycle safe and secure. But you will also gift yourself peace of mind. Furthermore, you will be able to take your beloved cycle across numerous trips with utmost happiness and excitement.

Wish you all the best!


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