The Power of Impact Covers For Your Restaurant Menu


With growing fears of an economic recession across the country, entrepreneurs are searching for creative new ways to showcase their businesses. In times of fiscal uncertainty, few industries experience more turmoil than restaurants. In addition to recession worries, the U.S. is seeing the highest inflation levels in over 40 years. Right now, small business owners must ensure their advertising budget hits the mark to secure a healthy bottom line.

A Powerful Advertising Tool

Restaurants using Impact Covers benefit from having a novel, impressive display that increases brand recognition and customer loyalty. The menu cover and design are excellent opportunities to leave a positive, lasting impression on the customer and are critical pieces of the restaurant’s branding and presentation. Menu covers also protect the paper menu, helping to keep it clean and free from stains. Menu covers also supply an inexpensive, eco-friendly solution to update prices and food offerings.

The Science of Menu Design

Like many other industries, restaurants thrive with positive customer interactions, and menu appearance helps cement an effective first impression for the diner. More to the point, constructive menu design pulls new customers into a restaurant and, coupled with good food and excellent service, keeps them coming back and recommending the eatery to friends and acquaintances.

Savvy restaurateurs understand that guests don’t spend much time perusing a menu. On average, diners spend less than two minutes scanning available options before making a final selection, so the menu must make a dominant imprint in a short time. Research shows that customers spend most of their focus on the menu items at the beginning and end, making items in those areas popular selections.

Efficient Use of Color

Colors affect human emotion and possess a strong influence over how we feel. Warm colors like red and orange command attention by drawing the eye’s focus. This fact helps pull the guest’s attention to select menu areas or specific items, but when intense colors are used too often, they can cause hostility and anger. An influential menu designer knows how to use color to stimulate interest in dishes and increase sales. Menu covers protect the integrity of the printed menu and help the colors remain vibrant.

The Role of Texture in Menu Cover Design

Menu covers are a space and cost-saving way to showcase an excellent restaurant with a personalized look and feel. Ideally, matching the menu inserts to the menu cover design creates a cohesive look, and this connected blend will work better with some textures than others. Choosing a feel appropriate to the restaurant’s format creates a chance to make the guests feel cared for, and several appropriate texture options are available to meet the establishment’s unique needs.

Plastic menu covers are a popular choice. Plastic is durable, easy to clean, and incredibly customizable, giving the restaurateur much more freedom over the look and feel of the finished product. However, plastic menu covers can smudge easily, making them appear dirty. The quality of thread used in sewing the plastic sleeves together can also be problematic, as lesser-quality threads fray over time.

Leather is another popular choice for menu covers. With a one-of-a-kind, luxurious feel, leather menu covers will create a memorable impression that guests will surely appreciate for many years due to the materials’ incredible durability.


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