Reasons Why I Ask Others to Do My Programming Homework for Me


Learning programming is not an easy task. Nothing distracted students at school, but at the same time, it was still difficult to study, and in adulthood, it became even more difficult because, in addition to studying, work and household chores arose. “Will someone do my programming homework for me?” This is a frequent question in this situation. Of course, you can find an expert on helping services that will deal with your assignment quickly and easily.

Reasons Why I Ask Others to Do My Programming Homework for Me

In this article, we will analyze what prevents you from mastering programming and doing your homework. Save this article to regain lost motivation at any time.

Reason #1. I can’t figure it out on my own

Even if at first everything went smoothly in doing programming homework (as it usually happens with light topics), with the complexity of the material, there is always a chance of getting stuck somewhere. Beginners often have trouble understanding the kind of material that an experienced programmer does easily. The reason is that the brain has not yet trained itself to think in terms of the programming language.

What to do?

For beginners who got lost in the wilds of programming, there are programming forums like Quora or StackOverflow on the net. There are also more specialized resources for “native speakers” of a particular programming language. On the online helping services, you can ask for help with assignments.

Reason #2. I don’t see the result for a long time. My skills will never be enough to do my homework successfully

The human psyche is such that, without positive reinforcement, we lose motivation to continue studying. Therefore, in order not to quit training and doing homework, you need to reward yourself with something. Positive reinforcement is not only praise but also accomplished tasks, albeit small ones. The feeling of completed work brings not only pleasure but also gives an understanding that everything is not in vain.

But what if there is a problem with practice?

What to do?

If you understand that you are getting into too much theory, then start solving small practical problems. Solving them will help you not get bogged down in theory and will allow you to get your hands on writing code.

When you get comfortable with solving problems, it is worth moving on to writing a small pet project. You can create something or rewrite an existing program, but in your own way. The advantage of such cases is that the student can compare his or her own and someone else’s code and adopt some techniques.

Reason #3: Lack of motivation

This happens a lot: you were motivated at first, but you lost engagement halfway through. This does not mean that you have to give up everything. Loss of motivation is common in learning and doing homework. It can be returned.

What to do?

There are several ways to revive lost motivation. First, remember why you need it at all. Literally: sit down and write your goal on a piece of paper and analyze how close you are to it. The realization that you are not standing still, moving, albeit slowly, can be reassuring.

Creating an incentive is something else you can try. Make a promise to yourself to do or buy something if you complete a difficult topic or write a trial project. If you did it, you encouraged yourself, and you can come up with a new goal and a new incentive.

The opposite method to incentive is to come up with a penalty for unfulfilled obligations to yourself. It is best to let others know about your promise – this will make it harder to skip doing homework.

If you have long wanted to become a programmer, do not postpone this dream until later. Start today, and this checklist will help you stay on track and reach your goal.


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