Reasons to Choose Laravel Framework For Web Development


Choosing the right platform is essential to ensure the web development project is fully-functional, feature-rich, and easy to use. Laravel is, without a doubt, the most popular and widely used PHP framework among developers today. Now that there are other programming languages available, you might be wondering why Laravel is the only one.

Reasons to Choose Laravel Framework For Web Development

Laravel uses popular web development techniques, problem-solving ideas, and practical shortcuts for coding jobs. Also, this framework reduces the complexity of tasks like queuing, sessions, routing, and authentication. So, these are the reasons why the demand to hire Laravel developers and leverage the Laravel framework is increasing with time.

Overview of Laravel Framework

Laravel framework is a PHP-based structure that uses smart syntax for web app development. It follows the PSR-4 guidelines. Thus, eliminating any errors in PHP code, speeding up the process, and making development enjoyable.

It is also ideal for developers because it provides a sophisticated toolkit for web projects that includes elements for managing client or user needs appropriately. Laravel is an open-source framework that is simple for developers to use. Additionally, Laravel’s Model View Controller architecture serves as its foundation and can display database entity models.

All in all, the code is clean, and the web app developed performs efficiently.

8 Key Features That Make Laravel a Unique Framework

MVC Architecture Support

The architecture of the Laravel framework has the tremendous advantage of making the developers write structural code for complex web applications. The application is organized into three layers, as suggested by the name. Model, View, and Controller are all part of it.

Project transparency and better documentation are both made possible by this MVC architecture. Additionally, repetitive and common operations like routing, authentication, and sessions are made simpler. Thus, assuring the building of a scalable, flexible, and high-performing web application.

Object-Oriented and Robust Libraries

The availability of both pre-installed and object-oriented libraries is one of the reasons why developers favor Laravel. All of these contribute to the development of fully functional applications and speed up overall development.

The best feature is the simplicity to use class libraries and ready-made code. Other vital capabilities it involves are security, CSFR, encryption protocols, password resetting, etc. There is another tool available that is Eloquent. It helps in quick data retrieval. Thus, making it simple for the developers to create connections between different databases and facilitating linking between new aspects.

The Laravel framework is further partitioned into separate modules. These embrace PHP ideas, allowing programmers to create modular, user-friendly, and responsive web applications.

Blade Template Design

Laravel is a highly-acknowledged platform for built-in lightweight templates. These make it possible for Laravel experts to create stunning web app layouts and perform engaged content seeding. It also includes numerous widgets with well-structured JS and CSS code. Developers may easily add aesthetic appeal to their apps by using these scripts and CSS widgets.

The increased use of these widgets reduces the loading time of the web application. Thus, ensuring delivering an outstanding user experience and solutions that are search-engine-friendly.

Furthermore, the developers can access the shortcuts and control statements. Here, the developers can simply represent any variable value by placing it in the curly brackets.

Improved Security

In any web app development project, security is the top main concern. After all, websites or apps store the user’s personal information and credential details like payment gateways, passwords, etc. For instance, it offers a defense against SQL injections, CSFR, and CSS attacks. Additionally, it protects the codebase against security hazards and malware.

The CSRF tokens are used to verify the requests and give security to anyone who might make even the smallest alterations. The Bcrypt Hashing algorithm is also used. This facilitates the generation of any password’s encrypted version.

Artisan Command-Line Interface

Laravel offers an in-built tool for the command line. It is known as Artisan. It saves the developers from performing several tedious programming tasks manually. Web development experts can utilize these artisans to build database schemas, carry out migrations, and write skeleton code. Thus, facilitating the management of the database system.

Additionally, the artisan can be combined to instantly produce the fundamental MVC files via the command line. Also, it is simple to handle such assets and their associated customizations. All in all, the developers have the freedom to create their commands and perform the operations conveniently.

Unit Testing

There are certain times when developers fail to detect development errors, bugs, and other issues.

Hence, the Laravel platform is popular among web developers since it supports testing functionality. This feature is capable of running many app tests to ensure any modifications made by the experts do not ruin or impact the web application in any aspect. Also, the framework offers a wide range of in-built testing tools.

So, no Laravel web developer can neglect the app testing before its launch to guarantee there are no bugs and errors. Plus the users obtain the best possible experience.

Third-Party Integrations

In certain aspects, almost every business website needs to integrate third-party programs. This could be anything, such as a payment gateway or marketing tool.

Simply put, whether your website needs a payment system or any automated solution to carry out marketing efforts, the Laravel framework is the answer.

Extensive Support

Of course, without professional help and support, no development framework is complete. Laracasts can help the developers in this situation. There are both free and premium video tutorials in this collection. The use, practical learning, and other significant topics are all covered in great detail. Additionally, the documentation includes the help with command and syntax knowledge in programming.

Given that Laravel is an open-source framework, you may now be considering the support system. The strong community steps forward to lend a hand here. They are constantly willing and driven to support other developers who are in need. As a result, it is simple to ask the community for help from a wide range of experts.

Summing Up

These are some of the reasons or benefits you can say that make Laravel ideal for developing highly-scalable and well-performing apps. Without a doubt, this is the PHP web framework that is becoming more popular due to its distinctive architecture. Consequently, the professionals get more freedom to build their unique infrastructure for application development.

Therefore, if you want to develop web apps that make use of such a framework, it is best to get in touch with a reputable Laravel development company. This will let you experience the scalability, affordability, and stability of app development while producing a top-notch user experience.

Hope you find this write-up helpful.

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