Questions You Shouldn’t Forget to Ask from a Slip and Fall Lawyer Before Filing a Lawsuit


Slip and fall accident refers to an incident where an individual is injured due to risky conditions while on business premises. The hazardous conditions could be due to the company’s negligence or the weather at that time. As per law, you can file for personal injury claims if unsafe property/premises conditions developed due to the owner’s negligence.

Questions You Shouldn't Forget to Ask from a Slip and Fall Lawyer Before Filing a Lawsuit

The Bronx is a bustling borough in New York City known for the Yankee stadium. As per New York Department of Health statistics, an average of 52,673 hospitalizations is recorded in NYC, including the Bronx, every year due to slip and fall accidents.

If you sustain any injury due to a slip and fall accident and think the owner’s negligence is the reason for your accident, you need to consult the Bronx slip and fall lawyer and discuss filing a lawsuit. Here are a few questions you may ask the lawyer before filing a lawsuit.

What Are Your Fees?

There is no standard fee to file a slip and fall accident lawsuit, and every lawyer charges a different fee. Before filing a lawsuit, it is always good to ask the lawyer about his fees. Many Townsville lawyers work on a contingency basis. It means you are not required to pay a fee unless the attorney recovers damages in your lawsuit.

If the lawyer is successful in recovering damages, you might have to pay 25% to 40% of the amount you receive as compensation.

Have You Tried Any Slip and Injury Cases Before in Your Career?

There are several types of the lawsuit, and every case needs specific expertise. For example, a successful criminal lawyer might not be able to build a strong slip and injury case due to a lack of knowledge about laws about slip and injuries. Hence, it is always a good idea to select a Bronx slip and fall lawyer who has fought and won several cases like yours.

How Much Time Would the Lawyer Devote to Your Case?

As per New York Premises Liability laws, the owner is responsible for maintaining the property in a reasonably safe condition. Many lawyers take too many cases, and they cannot build a good slip and fall accident case due to the workload. The lawyer will not have the time to focus on essential aspects that will help win the case.

Ask the lawyer about the time they will devote to your case and when the case would be filed.

How Long It May Take to Resolve A Case?

Ask the lawyer how long it takes to resolve a slip and injury lawsuit. Several factors determine the time it may take to resolve the case, but an experienced lawyer would give you a rough estimate.

What Is Your Case Worth?

As per Bronx slip and fall accident data, fall-related injuries are the leading causes of hospitalization of children aged 0-14 and adults 25 years or older. An experienced slip and fall accident lawyer will study your case and tell you the worth of the case. The lawyer will also explain how factors like liability, discovery, pre-existing medical conditions can affect the verdict and the compensation amount.

To sum up, slip and fall injury lawsuits are complex, and you need to hire the best slip and fall accident lawyer in the Bronx to maximize your chances of recovering higher compensation.


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