Outdated SEO Practices That You Must Avoid in 2022


Are you confused about seeing the title of this blog? Well, if you are, then this is the perfect write-up for you. Search engines like Google are continually advancing their algorithm to ensure positive experiences for search users. As part of their efforts, they will identify and remove anything low quality or even spam from their search engine results pages.

Outdated SEO Practices That You Must Avoid in 2022

Is it harmful to your website? Absolutely. It is incredibly damaging for marketers if you do not constantly update your SEO practices for your website. That is why this blog will shed some light on the outdated SEO practices that you need to stop right now with the help of blog writing services. Intrigued to know more about these SEO tactics? Read along to find:

Keywords: Don’t Unnecessarily Use Them

You thought SEO means everything about keywords and how you integrate them everywhere in your content. However, some parts of it might seem legit, but not all of it. Marketers need to understand that SEO isn’t only restricted to keyword usage.

Using many keywords can never be helpful if you do not know how to look for the specific combination for content management. Look at the granular level about utilizing the top keywords, focusing on managing your keyword density to get appropriate visibility.

Stop Making Content For Robots

You might want to technical help with this aspect. There are lots of experienced marketers and companies to lend a hand. Check out sites like CoolBison.co.uk or bruceclay.com

Did you aim to write for the robots? Or did you think that the search engines won’t recognize that practice?

With the advancements, the search engines can very well distinguish these facts that you might want to conceal with your content. So start writing for the humans, not just any robot or even for Google. The more you get your user attention, the better you can engage your audiences which means a better SEO rank.

Article Marketing

If you ever want to game the system, know that it doesn’t work in the world of SEO practices. But still, people are trying it and with complete determination and motive. Branding isn’t a harmful practice, but it can have adverse effects if it doesn’t comply with Google’s rules.

Google is pretty keen on searching for content made for the benefit of humankind, which eventually can also brand the company in the market. So, next time you post that article, be sure to consider this point.

Spinning Articles? Stop Right Now

Many content creators spin articles, which is considered the black hat tactic that aims to recreate quality content. But the result doesn’t always meet your marketing requirements. However, AI getting more robust these days can eventually identify the spinning articles pretty smoothly.

It considers such content as low quality, lowering your site’s ranking on search engines. So, start creating meaningful, helpful, quality content that can potentially add value to your business website.

Stop Purchasing Links

If it ever seems shady, stop it right there. Buying links happen to be one of the tactics that should stop immediately for many reasons. Backlinking is important, but buying them can never be the marketing solution for your content.

Google can always identify low-quality sites that you thought about integrating with your content. So, legitimately help your site get attention and visibility in the market rather than pay for them.

Wrap Up

Apart from these outdated tricks, it is time for you to stop using those anchor texts repeatedly. Also, stop going with the obsolete keyword research tactics that might not help you reach out to a broader audience. Instead, keep your approaches straightforward, stop investing in low-quality content, and start marketing to ensure better rankings in 2022.


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