Jobs in Singapore


Singapore really does seem to be a country suitable for a rainbow life. Mild climatic conditions and an advanced economy open the way for immigrants to work efficiently and live comfortably. Singapore’s welcoming atmosphere naturally increases the influx of foreigners. The main reason for immigration is the hope of finding good jobs in Singapore.

Jobs in Singapore

According to many immigrants who have already found their place in Singapore, the bulk of all job seekers are found through personal acquaintances and job searches on the Internet. There are almost no people who first came to the country and only then started looking for work. This is obvious because Singapore’s immigration policy, as in other developed countries, is selective and aimed at attracting highly qualified specialists. However, employment at the level of low qualifications by the Singaporean business is also in demand.

According to various sources, the most in-demand professions in Singapore are:

  • Accountant,
  • Corporate financier,
  • Sales manager,
  • Advertising specialist,
  • Chemical engineer,
  • Mining engineer,
  • Doctors of various specializations,
  • Pharmacists,
  • Petrochemists.

The requirements for holders of a work permit differ depending on the field of activity. Currently, permits are issued for the following types of work:

  • Building,
  • Industrial,
  • Nautical,
  • Processing,
  • Service.

Permits can be issued not only to professionals, but also to unskilled (low-skilled) workers. At the same time, permit holders, regardless of work activity, must comply with the following rules:

  • Work only within the zone specified in the permit,
  • Not take another job and not create your own business,
  • Reside only at the address agreed upon with the employer during employment,
    always have the obtained permission with you and present it at the first request of the state services,
  • Not to marry a citizen of Singapore, including outside the country, without permission from the Ministry of Employment,
  • Not to become pregnant (for women),
  • Not to have children during the entire period of validity of the work permit, even if the marriage was concluded with a citizen of Singapore with the permission of the Ministry of Employment.

Employers are liable for illegal employment. The consequences for the use of illegal labor can be both in the form of fines of up to 10,000 SGD, and in the form of a complete ban on the employment of foreign labor. However, these sanctions are imposed taking into account the existing work permits for foreigners, but which were used for other purposes. More severe penalties await employers who have recruited immigrants without permits or with expired permits. In this case, a fine from 5,000 to 30,000 SGD or imprisonment up to 1 year. If the same violation is repeated, the penalty is imposed exclusively in the form of imprisonment.

By the way, you don’t need to create a business from scratch. Just buying a ready-made company and re-registering it is as easy as a newly created one. In terms of business registration terms, Singapore will give odds to any other country. Registration time takes a few minutes. Another way to quickly obtain a residence permit is traditionally investment. This option is more suitable for wealthy people who are ready to invest at least S $ 5 million in the country’s economy. The investor is allowed to bring his family with him. Each family member can also get a residence permit.

Working and living in Singapore is a challenging moment. On the one hand, Singapore is a well-developed region that occupies a leading position in the rankings. On the other hand, there is a lot of unskilled labor and an expensive life.


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