Is Bollywood More Famous than Hollywood?


Hollywood and Bollywood are two influential and very popular film industries in the world. People have similar enthusiasm to see Milana Vayntrub in Bikini as well as other actresses from Bollywood. It shows that both film industries are making great headlines in the entertainment world. If we compare the popularity of both the film industries people make inferences that Bollywood is more famous than Hollywood. So here is a complete analysis of this statement to know the real truth. If you are also eager to know that which is famous out of Bollywood and Hollywood then here is an answer for you.

Is Bollywood More Famous than Hollywood

How to measure the popularity of Film Industry?

The way you can know the reality about which is more popular out of Hollywood and Bollywood is the lifestyle of actors. If Hollywood actors are living more luxury lifestyle than Bollywood then we can take a guess that Hollywood is more popular and successful in entertainment world and vice-versa. Mostly Bollywood actors are living more luxury life than Hollywood which keeps the Hollywood on the upper level in hierarchy. The demand of Bollywood movies is higher in the world as compared to Hollywood and thus we can also use this point to measure the popularity of the Bollywood over Hollywood. But we cannot make any strong inference about the popularity of two as both of them are really making big news in the world of entertainment.

Is it true to accept that Bollywood is more famous than Hollywood?

Bollywood is more popular than Hollywood because of the reason that we have more movies in Bollywood every year as compared to Hollywood. As a result of which people find more choices with the former and they prefer watching movies from Bollywood. On the contrary the count of movies released in Hollywood every year is very scarce when we compare it with the Bollywood. This is a big reason why we are compelled to believe on the truth that Bollywood is way popular than Hollywood in the film industry. A lot of people are watching Bollywood movies which are available in too many languages to feel the taste of the movie in best manner. All these factors are responsible for making Bollywood movies more popular and Bollywood of course as compared to Hollywood.

Which Film Industry is rich out of Hollywood and Bollywood?

When we talk about Hollywood and Bollywood of course both of them are rubbing shoulders against each other. Hollywood and Bollywood movies are made on very big budget and we cannot subject them to comparison but if we talk about the overall investments in movies then Bollywood cut an edge over Hollywood owing to the count of movies which is higher in Bollywood. So yes we can say that Bollywood is richer as compared to Hollywood and that is why it is more popular also.

Popularity of Bollywood and Hollywood based on actors net worth

If we talk about the net worth of Hollywood and Bollywood actors both the cases are in tough completion with each other, Bollywood movie actors are making handsome money and so is the case with Hollywood. But since the number of movies are higher in Bollywood it means actors are making more money through Bollywood as they are doing two or three movies every years. This gives an edge over Hollywood actors to Bollywood stars. That is the reason why popularity of these Bollywood actors is also high owing to their richness and luxury living style.


It is very genuine to conclude that Bollywood is more popular than Hollywood. The former is having actors which are making good money and catching attention of people. At the same time the criteria of making more movies and investing more money in movies in case of Bollywood also makes it popular when compared with Hollywood. Apart from it we can count many other factors that are listed above which makes Bollywood more popular than Hollywood. So yes we can conclude to a point that Bollywood is more popular than Hollywood but it does not mean that Hollywood movies are not having popularity in the world as they are also recognized throughout the globe.


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