Improve Your Teacher Recruitment: 5 Top Strategies That Work


Studies show an increasing need for teachers nationwide. Many schools are looking to hire teachers to have a full staff. This means that it’s more important than ever to understand how to navigate teacher recruitment.

With all of the competition for new teachers, you’ll need to make sure you make your community stand out from the rest. We want to help you find supply teachers for your school!

Improve Your Teacher Recruitment: 5 Top Strategies That Work

Are you a teaching recruitment agency or school looking for the best way to grow teacher interest in your organization? Read on to see the top strategies to improve your teacher recruitment.

Start Teacher Recruitment Early

Many know that schools typically hire in the spring for the upcoming school year. With an increased need for supply teachers, it’s likely everyone will start to hire around this time, making you just one out of several teaching recruiting agencies. However, you can beat the rush by starting the recruitment process sooner rather than later.

Get the word out about when and where you are hiring in the winter or even in the fall. Advertise that you are hiring in different ways, including online, in an advertisement, or through networking.

It’s better to spread the word about your company sooner so you can beat the rush of other recruiters who are looking to hire. You will be more unique and available to potential teachers.

Grow Your Internet Presence

The internet is an incredible but often underused tool. Over the years, the number of people using the internet has increased. People are also spending much more time on the internet than in past years.

Make sure your state website has all open positions at your school posted as soon as possible. Have an advertisement posted for your job on websites where people check to see who’s hiring, such as, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor. But don’t stop there!

Have someone from your teaching recruitment agency on LinkedIn or other social media pages so that you can network with potential teachers. LinkedIn automation tools also benefit a lot to get more connections. Look for pages where teachers searching for jobs are communicating.

Attend Job Fairs

Job fairs are a great place for high school teacher recruitment and teaching assistant recruitment. College campuses will host job fairs where you can set up a booth and pass out information to students, including teacher recruitment forms and information about your school.

Some colleges or education organizations can hold teacher-specific job fairs. This means all students who are attending will be looking specifically for a job in education.

Your school can also host a job fair for teachers in the area. This can be a weekend where teachers of all subjects can interview and share resumes with the administration to show that they are interested in a job. Make sure to advertise this beforehand.

Make Your School Stand Out

With such high demand for teaching positions, there is a lot of teacher recruitment agencies posting information online or handing out pamphlets about their school. Don’t just be a number.

Now is the time to show off your school. Make sure the website is updated to show the courses offered, the unique opportunities that are offered, and the facilities the staff works in. Have pamphlets or presentations available to show those looking to get hired so that they can see what sort of school they could work for.

Have a Practical Hiring Process

Make the hiring process practical and helpful for everyone. Allow people from different parts of the school to sit through the interview, such as the principal, assistant principal, head of the department, and other experienced teachers. This gives applicants a feel for the environment of the school and can help build community early.

Ask questions that are relevant to the type of work the teacher will be doing. It would also be helpful to have them present a sample lesson plan for you. That way you can see which teachers will be a good fit and the person interviewing can see if they would make a good fit.

Apply These Strategies Today

There is a demand for teachers today. This means that the teacher recruitment process can be overwhelming as you try and find how you can stand out from other teacher recruiting agencies.

Starting early, growing your internet presence, attending job fairs, making your school stand out, and having a practical hiring process are great places to start. All five of these strategies can work to help you hire great teachers.

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