Career Guidance At Every Stage Of Education


Who are you? The question will have multiple answers, but one prominent answer will be your profession and career. A career is something that aligns with your life’s purpose. Choosing a career option would be the most challenging part in so many ways; it should meet one’s interests and skills, and how this choice would make a lifestyle change. Hence the need for guidance in choosing a career path will be essential. Best Career Counselling in Bangalore states that an individual should get a clear view of a career’s pros and cons and how suitable it would be for them in advance. And the need for constant guidance will always be valuable and productive. With this perpetual guidance, one can stay on the right path and will know the scope and opportunities available.

Career Guidance At Every Stage Of Education

Career guidance, is it important?

Career Guidance can be defined as a complete development program where one’s skills and interests will be assessed with different career options to find the best possible career, its scope in the future, and the need for the particular career. The person receiving career guidance can choose the right job and know the number of opportunities available; it will improve their choices. Hence career guidance is essential. Unawareness causes so much loss; people in the past chose few professional careers and didn’t know whether it matches their passion, calibre, ability, and so on.

Why is career Guidance essential at every stage?

In the changing world, the opportunities are vast, and the need to meet targets is high. The need for constant growth is required. The world is becoming competitive every day. Only with proper guidance can one ensure they are in the race. The need for the betterment and being the best is a perpetual process. Growth is never-ending so does the guidance for better choices and better options. New careers are coming every day, and knowing about these new opportunities now and then, one can always seek a certified Career counsellor.

Career counselling at different levels

Best career counselling in Pune states that a career is not just for school students. Students already in the middle of a course degree can also get to know the newly available opportunities and how they can land themselves a better career. Individuals already in a job, not seeing any growth or betterment, or who can’t find satisfaction in what they do can always switch to different careers. Hence career guidance at various levels will always be needed.

Career Guidance at the school level

Career Guidance at the school level is for students in their 8th to 10th std. They are aware of the type of careers and job opportunities in their surroundings. All they look up is limited, like professional courses and few popular careers. They should be given the awareness of different things available in the evolving world. Their opportunities should be shown to them, and if their skills are identified at a young age, they could develop them.

At the school level, career counselling is provided where they will evaluate the process by checking their abilities, interests, personality, and aptitudes through a psychometric test. Their calibre is tested, and they will be given the ideology they should pursue and why it will suit them. And they will be informed about the eligibility and requirements and how they can follow them. They will be ready to pursue it, and they will know what the tests, exams, and other levels of criteria they have to match are. This will let them understand their career’s needs and their growth in a better way.

Career Guidance at the College level

This process starts in the 12th std itself. In India, it will be mentioned as an intermediate college for 11th & 12th std in a few states. After 10th they have several courses like Diploma, ITI, Polytechnic courses which will eventually end up with Engineering. And that phase is where one decides what they should pursue, like science, commerce, and computer streams. This is where most make a mistake; Students are unaware of what will be the possible career options they have by pursuing this stream.

Best career counselling in Bangalore states that many students pursue irrelevant careers when they come to college. Students who pursue the Science stream end up in computer engineering. Most of them are unaware of the courses available in India and the possible ways they can follow them.

Even after joining a course, they can look up career opportunities, too; if they are fed up with the careers here, the skills possessed second thing first thing will be how it can take them from where they are. So like other options available from there.

What will be the impact of the Career Guidance?

At every stage, a change is required, and if things don’t work the way it is, people may need guidance from there to direct them to the right path. The right direction will be found only with proper guidance. Best Career Counselling India tells that most Indians opt only for the popular careers, and they end up in that. This is because of unawareness. Career guidance is still not very popular in India.

But, Career guidance will always help them to find and align their lifestyle with the career of their passion. A certified career counsellor will save one from falling apart at any stage, and they will create a career map for the next 5-10 years. This way, one could grow better.


It is always good to seek professional help and support because Professionals will always guide you through the right path, which will cast your career in the best way. Why should you restrict yourselves to the same set of jobs, again and again? Let career guidance be the lighthouse that directs you to new paths. But always seek the best in everything.


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