How GPS Tracking Devices Work for Personal Vehicles


GPS technology is now so well known that people expect it. Many people use it to keep track of their possessions because it works. Knowing that it works doesn’t explain how it works. Here is a brief explanation of how GPS tracking devices work for personal vehicles.

How GPS Tracking Devices Work for Personal Vehicles

What is it?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It uses satellites to locate the vehicle’s location. The system is accurate enough that most companies today use it to track their fleet of vehicles. It uses three different things when it tracks. It uses navigation, position, and timing. The locations send out a signal which the position catches and correlates it to the timing. This is triangulation. The accuracy is amazing. This is why it has become so widely accepted as the way to track a vehicle.

Some History

Historically the United States military used it for search and rescue missions. It began being used approximately 50 years ago and is still used to this day to track everything from vehicles to aircraft. Today, drones are using this technology to perform various military maneuvers. It’s also used for search and rescue missions as well.

Privacy Laws

Personal use of GPS systems is completely legal and is widely used as well. That means your vehicle can use a GPS Tracker for location and asset protection. If somebody plans on heading off with a vehicle, they won’t get very far. Unless they remove the GPS tracking device, they won’t be able to keep it hidden somewhere. The privacy rights of the individual are still protected. It is tracking the vehicle, not the person.

Personal Use

You may want to consider using a GPS tracking device in your car for personal use. As you can clearly see, it makes the location of the vehicle clear at all times. No one can take your car without getting caught. Also, if you happen to forget where you parked it, then you can look at the location on your cell phone or whatever device the systems came with.


You may receive insurance discounts after installing one of these systems for personal use. It is an asset protection measure that many find useful. Millions of dollars are lost to insurance premiums that go up after theft. Install one of these to help prevent that. If more people did that, premiums would go down. It’s also used to track how safe you drive. The way that you move in your driving tendencies, like speed and braking, can help the insurance company know if you drive safely.


These days it is pretty easy to feel concerned about the safety of your children. All of the things that happen in today’s world make it essential to know that your child is where they said they would be. You can track them if something goes off schedule for their safety and your peace of mind. There are several devices available for this type of GPS tracking. There is software out there as well. Some of it is better than others. Parents should get one that is tamper-proof. Look for one that can’t lose track by removing a battery or leaving the device somewhere. Some GPS programs are set up to send an alarm text to parents when a child leaves a certain area.


If you had an accident on a country road that was off the normal path, how would anyone find you? If you have GPS tracking in your vehicle, they would know where you were. If you have it on your person, then they can find you. What some see as a personal invasion of privacy rights, others see it as a safety feature. They aren’t wrong. Having a personal tracking device of any kind serves as a way to protect you against getting lost somewhere.

All these reasons show why a personal GPS tracking device is useful. Personal uses are widespread today. If you are considering using one, there are many devices that are available. There is software for it to work on your cell phone or whatever set-up you need. It’s effective for personal vehicles as well.


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