How to Look Professional and Feel Comfortable at Work


For decades, the kinds of clothing that employees in offices wore seemed designed to be professional rather than comfortable. Starched shirts, ties, and shiny shoes – they all look the part but can be a little irritating to wear all day. This article will explore the clothing options for working professionals that nicely cut through the difference between smart and casual, with an emphasis on comfort. That’ll help you look the part when you’re at the office while also feeling comfortable enough to perform your work to the best of your abilities.

How to Look Professional and Feel Comfortable at Work


For those workers who are constantly on their feet, shoes are among the most important clothing item that determines your level of comfort. Women should be willing to drop the high heels in order to purchase smart flats instead. Divishoes shares a range of women comfortable business casual shoes that look fantastic but won’t have you tottering around each day on tired legs made painful by high heels. Men, meanwhile, should look for roomy shoes with the ability to add insoles, which can be made of rubber or silicon, in order to soften the impact of standing for hours on your feet.


Next up are the other items of clothing you’ll wear. Men will be glad that the tie is slowly fading into irrelevance, and the top button is by no means required to be done up at even the most professional firms. Marry this progress toward comfort with the purchase of comfortable, 100% cotton shirts, which are a little more expensive than cheaper options but are made for comfort. Women might look to do the same, purchasing smart clothing styles but concentrating not on the cut but on the material, which has a profound effect on your comfort on the job.

Hair and Face

We’re moving into a more progressive era in which beards needn’t be shaved, nor faces be masked in make-up. That means you do have more freedom to be yourself in the office, though there are some reasonable limits to that. Many women will find that a little concealer and mascara can go a long way without costing them too much time in the morning, while men should be careful to comb their beards and ensure that their hair is in a good state when they head into the office. You should try to look professional with your grooming but also retain comfort in your own appearance that will make you confident in the workplace.


On that point, it’s worth dressing and grooming yourself with one thing in mind: your confidence. We know that confidence in the workplace is one of the best indicators of success or productivity and of career progression. Looking stylish and feeling comfortable are great ways to enhance your confidence in the workplace, giving you a little boost to your self-esteem that can work wonders on the more difficult days you’ll experience in the office.

Make your working appearance stylish while keeping yourself as comfortable as possible by following these key tips.


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