Best Dumpster Sizes For Small Demolition Projects


Clean-up and correct disposal of waste are essential components of every demolition job. When it comes to dumpster sizes, many homeowners aren’t sure what size will best suit their needs and their budget.

It is infuriating to rent a container which is significantly larger than the junk that will be produced by your construction site demolition, and it can be slightly costly to acquire a container which is significantly smaller than what will be needed.

Best Dumpster Sizes For Small Demolition Projects

Therefore, selecting the appropriate dumpster for your demolition job is essential to determining the level of success in the project.

Factors That Affect The Required Size Of Your Dumpster

Weight Of The Debris

Some demolition debris are heavier than others, and this is due to their bulkiness. Because of this, it is essential that you obtain an accurate weight estimate of the rubble before requesting a dumpster.

Because of the weight restrictions on most dumpsters, this information will be useful to the contractors in order to provide you with an appropriate dumpster size.

The Physical Dimensions Of The Debris

Consider the physical dimensions of your demolition debris before requesting a bin of a specific size. It’s understandable that you’re trying to save money, but keep in mind that some waste management companies don’t haul away dumpsters that are overflowing. Be sure to ask for one that has enough space to accommodate all of your huge debris.

The Total Amount Of The Debris

You always have the option of requesting a larger-sized dumpster, especially if you do not want to wait around while they make multiple trips to discard your junk. will be able to reduce the number of trips they take as a result of this. A larger container may be more expensive, but it is more convenient.

Dumpster Sizes For A Small Demolition Project

There are four main dumpster sizes available: 10, 15, 20 and 30 cubic yards. The smallest is the 10 yard dumpster, and the biggest is the 30 yard dumpster. The price of these dumpsters can be determined by the materials allowed to go into each dumpster.

If you are working on something very small and will only have a few pieces of wood and some nails, then the 10 yard dumpster is the best option for you. If you are going to have larger items and you know you need a lot of room for waste materials, then the 30 yard dumpster is the best option for you!

Type Of Debris

In the same way as the amount of debris generated by demolition projects varies, so do the varieties of debris, and each one has different disposal cost and weight.

It takes up a small amount of space in a dumpster, but weighs a lot to dispose of heavy construction and demolition debris like concrete and bricks.

10 yard dumpsters are typically the best choice, but they must have a weight restriction high enough to handle all of the heavy trash.

Wood and carpets, which are both relatively light weight, will take up more space in your pile of junk than heavier objects, so you’ll probably need at least a 20-yard dumpster just to get started.

In general, however, it is less expensive to dispose of light waste than heavy waste, unless you clean and fill the trash and the materials are recyclable, as is typically the case with concrete.

A dumpster rental company should know if your project is likely to generate mixed-material waste such as construction and demolition trash or wood and metal scraps.

Benefits Of Using A Dumpster Rental In Small Demolition Project

Renting a dumpster is the best way to get rid of the big waste coming from a demolition site. A small demolition project presents you with a small amount of waste that can be easily managed by the help of a small dumpster.

You may not have considered using a dumpster rental for a small demolition project, but it is a good idea, since it saves you the time and hassle of trying to remove the construction debris yourself.

You can rent a dumpster for as long as you need and order pickup at a day and time that works for you. If you have a small project, you can also rent a small dumpster.

That is easier than a large dumpster and is easier to handle. Renting a small dumpster in Charleston or elsewhere in the USA is affordable, so consider that option.


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