How to React to Being Stopped by the Police


Billed with protecting us and keeping society safe, the police are not infallible. Sometimes, they make errors, some of which can put you in danger of harm or of an arrest. This article will look at how you should respond to being pulled over by the police in your vehicle and will walk you through the stages you should take in order to ensure that you’re protecting your rights as a citizen while also complying with the law and those who enforce it.

Be Calm

When you’re pulled over by the cops, there are obviously going to be many thoughts running through your head. You’ll wonder why they stopped you and whether this is going to be a friendly or a difficult experience for you. You’ll be concerned that the officers will find something wrong with your vehicle. You may just be wondering where your license and insurance papers are. All of these thoughts can make you anxious, but it’s important that you remain calm. With a calm mind, you’ll be able to respond quickly and respectfully to the questions of the officers before you’re sent on your way.

Know Your Rights

One of the most common complaints that citizens have against the police is one of procedure. You see, federal and state laws both require police officers to follow a certain procedure in order to professionally and legally stop you in your vehicle. This includes being willing to supply their badge numbers and explain why they stopped you. Knowing these rights will help you remain confident when you’re pulled over and will ensure that the officers treat you with dignity and respect. Knowing your rights is important as a citizen, especially when you come in contact with the police.


There are many vehicular offenses that you might fall foul of when you’re driving your vehicle. Having a light or lights out is one of them, as well as driving under the influence of drink or drugs. Dangerous driving can see you pulled over too, as well as driving suspiciously slowly. If you’re found to have committed these offenses, you could be arrested or issued a fine. It’s important in many instances that you’re able to defend yourself if you’re found to have broken the law. After a failed breathalyzer test, for instance, do get in touch with a DUI first offense MA from Gilman Law P.C. in order to work out how to defend yourself.


In all cases in which you’re pulled over by the police, your ultimate aim should be to deescalate the situation. If you’re argumentative or rude, you might expect some officers to return that behavior and to be argumentative with you, or to assert their legal power. In these cases, all you’ll do is make the situation less comfortable for you, as well as a little riskier. Work hard to make the situation relaxed and friendly in order to be sent on your way as soon as possible after being pulled over by the police.

There you have it: the key tips you’ll need if you’re ever pulled over by the police in the future.


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