Is Gaming Bad or Good?


The topic “is gaming bad or good” has been debated for a long time. Some will say that gaming is bad for you, while others say it is good for you. The one saying it is good is mainly the parents who say it is just a time-waster. And the ones saying it is good are the young or the kids who love to play games.

Is Gaming Bad or Good

Well, what is the truth? Who to believe and who do not? Don’t be stressed anymore, here we are to tell you whether it is wrong or good?

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Pros of gaming:

Some psychologists and scientists said that video games could have benefits.

1. Enhanced learning skills:

Video games such as starcraft make kids smarter. Through such games, kids can learn advanced-level thinking skills that will help them in the future.

2. Can make good decisions:

Action games are fast-moving, and minor events and images are appearing and disappearing. By playing such games, people are becoming better at getting and translating sensory data into an accurate decision.

3. Improved Hand-Eye sync:

People who play video games a lot have an improved Hand-Eye syn, which is now a requirement for many professions. Even some people get a driving license more easily just because they played several driving games.

4. Improved concentration and attention:

In the games, you have to remain focused and pay attention to the minor details. So in this way, the people who play games can concentrate and be attentive to the minor details in their real life.

5. Can treat Depression:

Researchers in New Zealand found that video games can be used to treat Depression. Such as a game, Sparx was explicitly made for this purpose. It was designed in a sort of therapy session, which was more effective than regular counseling.

Cons of Gaming:

1. Violence:

Violent video games are the ones that make a bad reputation for gaming. According to the media and some experts, these games are the main reason for many youngsters’ violent and intense anti-social behavior.

The persons who play violent games have reduced activity in the parts of the brain made for self-control. In such individuals, there is high emotional arousal.

2. Decreased Social interaction:

The individuals who spend many hours playing video games lose the interaction they have with their close ones. The gamers may find the behavior of their parents a little odd, creating a distance between them. You can even play video games together, but still, there are chances of arguments, such as which console system will be used by whom, etc.

3. Addiction:

After the violence, the most significant bad impact of gaming is its addiction. The gamers don’t get enough time for another activity. It is because they get addicted to playing games all the time. They don’t find time for other activities because they don’t want to.

Addiction affects the routine life of gamers badly. It affects their relationships, their academic activities, and many more.

4. Effect on health:

Playing a game for a longer duration harms your health. You could have back issues due to constantly sitting down. The sleep routine could also get disturbed, which in turn affects mental as well as physical health.

5. Affect your Pocket:

For playing more and more games, there is a need to buy new games. Some of these games are expensive. But once you get addicted, you ignore how much money you can waste on this.


So now you know the pros and cons of gaming. You can decide for yourself, is gaming bad or good? Everything is good within a limit. So you can benefit from the positive effect of gaming if you play within boundaries, just like you can protect yourself from the adverse effects.


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