Things to Know When Hiring a Lawyer for Workplace Injury Claims in Liverpool


Over 83000 people living in Liverpool are employed. As NSW follows a “no-fault” principle, workers in the city don’t need to prove the employer’s negligence to be eligible for workers compensation.

All workers have to do is prove that the injury or condition was work-related. Expert lawyers who specialise in law advice Liverpool can help you file your worker’s compensation claim and guide you through the process.

Things to Know When Hiring a Lawyer for Workplace Injury Claims in Liverpool

Choosing a lawyer specialising in workers compensation law can improve your chances of winning the highest compensation you are eligible for. These experts can help you prepare and handle the documentation as well. There are online directories that can help you find Lawyer near me as per the specialization that you need.

Understand if the Injury is Work-Related

Not every injury that happens at a workplace is a workplace injury. However, if your injury was not triggered by a pre-existing medical condition or a personal accident, you are likely eligible for workers compensation.

All employers are required to offer insurance to their employees against work injuries. Employers are also required to support their employees through the recovery process and give them adequate time to recover before resuming work.

As per the rules, employers should notify their workers of the return to work program and describe the steps they will take if employees are injured.

Additionally, employers should report all workplace injuries within 48 hours and maintain a list of work-related injuries in the establishment.

Check the Lawyers Experience Profile

There are several reputed workers compensation lawyers in Liverpool. However, you must work with a lawyer with considerable knowledge and experience in workers compensation law.

Assess the lawyers experience profile and find out if the legal team has won similar cases in the past. The nature of work-related injuries may vary based on the severity of the injury and the industry you work in.

If you recently sustained a work injury, you must notify your employer immediately. You will also have to submit written or formal submissions detailing your injury. An experienced lawyer can help you here.

Fees Charged By the Lawyer

The fees charged by the lawyer should ideally be much lower than the compensation you are eligible for. Some lawyers may work on a “no win no fee arrangement”.

In these cases, you will not have to pay the lawyer any money upfront until you receive your compensation. If you suffered a permanent impairment in health and abilities, and the impairment is more significant than 20%, you may be eligible for higher compensation.

You are also entitled to medical expense recovery if you seek medical attention to treat the injury. Understand the total fees charged by the workers’ compensation lawyers in your location and choose the most reasonable one.

Your Case May End in a Settlement

Some injured workers successfully win compensation payments. However, some cases end in settlement. Settlements most commonly happen when you negotiate and agree with the insurance company on a lump sum payout. In this case, the lump sum payout is considered the full and final settlement.

If you have sustained a workplace injury, get medical attention at the earliest. It is also best to record your medical bills, including the cost of hiring an ambulance. Your worker’s compensation lawyer can help ensure you receive reasonable compensation.


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