How to Build Best Real Estate Website or App


Real estate word means the real property that combined with the building and lands. In this, you can buy and purchase buildings, houses, and shops, whether residential or non-residential. If you need to buy and sell your property, go outside and inform others as you are looking for a property and want to sell your property. No worry now; this process also can be easy with the help of technology. In the era of technology, there is nothing complicated to sell or purchase with the help of mobile applications and website real estate. So, if you want to know the real estate website and app development process, then you are at the right place. You need to select a company that provides android app development services for application development initiatives. almost 70% of real estate companies have already had websites.

How to Build Best Real Estate Website or App

Process of website or application development

For the development of the website and application company need to hire a dedicated developer that helps in the following stages:

Planning stage

In this stage of development, the developer evaluates the term of the project. This stage clearly mentioned the purpose and scope of the website or application. The developer collects the information from the client’s side, like how many users can access the application at a time?

Designing stage

In this stage, the designer starts working to make your application stand out in the form of Sketch, wireframe, and prototype.

  • In Sketch, the designer sketches a future application on paper; with the medium of this Sketch, the designer gives you information as your application looks into digital format.
  • Wireframes prepare on the system and make black & white model of every application screen.
  • The prototype is the final stage of design. This is a working model of application which seems like an actual application. The developer Can use this prototype to represent a model to their client.

Complete the designing process does not require any programming knowledge. It can complete behalf of user requirements and designer creativity.

Development stage

Web or app development requires back-end and front-end developers. The front end is the user side that helps users interact with the system. In the back-end process, the developer focused on the side of the website or app server. The back-end developer is responsible for making databases, application programming interfaces, and operations.

Quality assurance stage

Without testing, the application cannot release because the testing process reduces the chances of error by 90 percent.

Release stage

This is the final stage where real estate app development companies provide applications to the user for use.

Required skills for website or application development.

Front-end Skills Back-end skills
Framework and library Django
CSS pre-processorsExpressJS
Testing and debuggingVersion control system
Responsive design SQL
Browser developer tools Server handling

Required features for real estate website or application

Login / signup

This is a general feature of building a real estate app called the onboarding feature. With this option, users can make their profile on the application and log in with their credentials. Application users can log in more another way:

  • Verification of phone number
  • Verification of email
  • Authorization of social media

As a user, you can select any option to make a sign-In.


Users, agents, and sellers on the real estate website or app can make their profiles to sell and purchase the property.

Database and listing

Real estate app development requires an extensive database to store property information and user, seller, and agents’ details. There are chances to increase application users in the future, so it is required to make a server and database of more flexible applications to help them scale up operations.

Property listing is the primary feature of real estate applications. With this feature, you can check the list of available properties for sale and purchase.

Category and filter

This option provides an option to shortlist the property per the user’s location, price, stories, and many more requirements. Also, able to check which property is mainly searched by the user in the application.

Profile of property

It includes the information about the property in detail like description, videos, price information, owner detail, photos, neighbourhood, and value proposition. So, as a user, you can select the property on behalf of the following detail.

Add to favourite

It provides you an option to add your favourite property that helps to make decisions with an easy process.


It is an essential feature of real estate applications that integrates maps and helps you provide property location. Except for the location, it represents the statistics and data connected with the user-selected property. The mobile app development company designed this feature so users can check nearby property areas like schools, railway stations, bus stands, water supply, drainage systems, and many more.

Cost Calculator

With the help of this option, as a user, you will be able to calculate your property cost, Emi, taxes, loan repayment, down payment, loan payment amount, and many more.

Direct messaging and call option

In real estate applications, this option provides the facility to connect with the property owner through messaging and calling. If a buyer and seller are interested in a particular property, then only be able to connect with the owner for more details.


If a real estate mobile app development company includes the calendar option, it helps the user schedule their appointment or deal with the property owner. You can also check available dates of appointments and schedule them.

Virtual tour

It provides a 3D view of the property, which is an incredible process to give buyers a real-time feeling of the home.


This article successfully covers information about developing a real estate website or app compatible with smartphones and iPhones. With the help of this information, you will learn about the application development process, the skills required to complete the development, and the essential features of that application that can be decorated.


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