How to Get the Best Home Fitness Equipment


The pandemic and lockdown affected the sports industry in varying degrees. Team and indoor sports faced postponement or were cancelled altogether. The silver lining is the uptick in individual sports and home workouts. Google searches for “home workout”, “HIIT”, and “Tabata” spiked when a lockdown was declared in Australia. But availing of reliable and safe equipment remains a challenge.

How to Get the Best Home Fitness Equipment

Here are some standards that top sporting goods stores adhere to give you the best fitness outcomes from your equipment

Barbell sets: If you are a beginner male and weigh about 75kgs, you should be able to lift 17kgs in one rep. A novice weighing 75kgs would shift that range to about 28kgs. Consult your trainer or the sports store expert to guide you on which set would suit you. A standard set comes with four 1.5kg plates, six 2.5kg plates and four 5kg plates. It also includes a 1.8m barbell and two dumbbell handles.

Kettlebells: Kettlebells are versatile equipment used to exercise and tone your upper arms and shoulders. An Australian study showed that completing as many two-handed KB swings (16kg) as possible in 12 minutes resulted in heart rate at 87% of the maximum heart rate achieved on the treadmill for a longer duration. Integrate it into your Interval Training routine for the best results. Kettlebells are available in weights ranging from 4kgs to 24kgs. The best quality kettlebells are made of heavy-duty cast iron. Look for a premium vinyl coating to avoid damaging your floors if the equipment slips out of your hand.

Medicine Balls: Primarily used for building core strength, shoulders and legs, medicine balls are a must-have. They are especially fun if you have a workout partner. Innovative medicine balls come with handles, so you can use them for training many other muscle groups such as your chest, obliques and deltoids. Look for balls made from a heavy-duty rubber material with a textured surface.

Dumbbells: Dumbbells have retained their popularity despite stiff competition from newer equipment. Their rugged simplicity makes them an essential part of any home gym. You can use them for training and building your upper arm muscles, or use them while you plank for a stronger core. You can go for adjustable or non-adjustable dumbbells. The former comes with attachable plates, so you can use the same set for your entire workout team. The latter comes with flat ends so it won’t roll when you use it for your ab exercises. Consult your trainer or the in-house expert at the sporting goods store about which would be more suitable for you.

Accessories: If you are new to lifting weights, you might want to consider gloves. They prevent your skin from chaffing. Another advantage is that premium gloves improve your form and grip, thus helping you get the most out of your workout. Look for quality leather and grip treads on the palm and neoprene back for support. Gym and yoga mats are accessories that help you concentrate on the exercise without worrying about injuries. If you want to stock up on fitness equipment, do consider investing in quality mats.

Manufacturing policies: Australians are increasingly conscious about how responsibly items are produced. Top manufacturers strictly adhere to anti-child-labour policies. They enforce this with regular inspections of factories. Make sure you inquire about how and where the equipment is manufactured. Additionally, ensure that all the equipment adheres to CS-101 safety regulations laid out by Standards Australia.

With these tips, you can ensure you get the best equipment for yourself and reduce any hassles and mishaps that could arise from choosing the wrong tools. Fitness is more about the journey than just the outcome; enjoy every moment of it with your own home gym.


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